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A few good years ago, SOS ruled the roost of install-tainment with a 3-story wall of boxes recessed to reveal scantily clad dancers swinging their swingy bits. SOS has since moved into their 'uber club' décor phase leaving the way wide open for Hangzhou's latest offering on the nightclub scene.

At West Lake Cultural Square H-Linx Royal Members’ Club is within walking distance of the metro stop with the same name. Billing itself as the “world’s top hi-tech club, featuring science and technology, art and lifestyle” with “a fantastic décor you won’t see anywhere else but there,” you would have some right to expect an interesting evening.

With a chill lounge bar off to the side, the main room is familiar territory with tables, sofas, DJ booth and small dance area surrounded on three sides by an upstairs open balcony arrangement. Do not expect little dark corners to hide in as this club is a place to see and be seen unless you spank some serious money to get one of the big KTV rooms upstairs.

A laser light show is your reward for dropping cash. Buy a red level crate of champagne and a red laser light show pierces the club. Purchase a different combo and get a blue laser light show. No matter what the color, everyone in the club will know you are making it rain.

Drinks are pricy with cocktails and beers priced at 70-80RMB, but they do have 2-for-1 deals (780RMB) on bottles and mixers (Chivas Regal 12 Year, Conquistador Tequila, Bacardi 151) for foreign passport holders that might make things a little more palatable.

The sound system in this place is probably one of the best in Hangzhou, but you've read this far to hear about the install-tainment mentioned earlier. Regularly throughout the night party revelers are ushered off the dance stage that starts to ascend towards the ceiling, whilst previously hidden, glass-floored cubes descend from out of the ceiling. Within these cages are dancers for all tastes, from lithe females in little outfits, to six-pack packing, partially-robed male dancers. Choose your table carefully and you can expect a face full of gyrating goodness.

If you like to club, be seen, and show off your knot, H-Linx Club could well be worth a look, and you got writhing, half-naked, go-go dancers descending from the ceiling. What’s not to like?

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2A/F, No. 8, Area C, West Lake Cultural Square

0571 8890 9898

Opening Hours:
9pm - 5am

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