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Han House Qing Teahouse/恒庐清茶馆
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'This is not your typical teahouse. There's no buffet and very little green tea. This really isn't even a good place to play cards actually, there is no room on the tables as the space is taken up by pu'er tea sets. Yeah, pu'er. This teahouse is just what the pu'er lover is looking for. As we told you a few months ago in our Tea Issue, pu'er tea has become all the rage in this the home of Longjin tea. Why this is, is anyone's guess. But we are onboard and so really got into this teahouse.

The two-floor space isn't the roomiest, but it's quaint, quiet and comfortable. The first floor has tables for twos and fours, and don't worry about being a pu'er virgin. The waitresses can give you a hand preparing your tea. On the top floor, there are five private rooms outfitted with tea sets and magazines. On our tour, Mr. Liu made sure to point out the vine on the western wall that crawls all the way up from the first floor. If you've run out of your own stash of pu'er, they've got plenty on display for you to buy. There's some as cheap as 168RMB and as expensive as 6850RMB (their showcase item). The owner of the Han House is an avid pu'er drinker and reserves some of the best for his friends. To the right of the entrance there is a little demonstration area where friends are treated to a proper tea ceremony. Don't miss the water basin that doubles as a co: pond and as well as a support for the glass tabletop. Overall, we were very impressed with Art Tea. Now you have a place to go after the lectures at the Han House. To find it, walk to the back of the old villa that houses the gallery. 

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202 Nanshan Road

0571 8707 0116

Opening Hours:
9am - 12pm

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