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Hangzhou Delight Travel Service/逸之旅
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Many people have become more conservative in their travel spending since economy is a concern. But saving travelers know quality tours do not have to be expensive. It is the time to spend wisely and shop for value. If you prefer to travel in east China with professional support and service while looking for reasonable prices, you have just found the right place--Hangzhou Delight Travel Service will help you to make your dream come true! Hangzhou Delight Travel Service characterizes its travel style by optimizing your experience through the whole process, from tour planning to the last minute of your tour. Each team of our travel specialists works closely and effectively in lowering the operational costs while enhancing your tour experience, providing you the benefits of both independent travel and an organized tour. Tailor-made private trip with personal tour guide service available in Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, old water town Wuzhen, Yellow Mountain, Thousand-island Lake... What we can do for our friends: 1.Formulate a gorgeous tour plan for you according to your requirements preferences and arrange everything well.(Including accommodation or discount hotel reservation, car rental or city transport, tailor-made itinerary); 2.Already have several classic travel routes, some must-see sights, some tourist attractions, old towns of antique beauty, art gallery tour and local delicacies; 3. Airport pick-up drop-off; 4.Help you bargaining and getting the lowest prices (No unwanted kick-back shopping stops); 5. Be your interpreter to break down the language barrier and to communicate with the local people; 6. Be able to travel around Hangzhou/ to other regions in China; 7. Apartment rental service. Help you choose the best location and valuable apartment. Please feel free to contact: Forrest (English) Mobile: 18657128088; Flora (Manderin Cantonese) 0571 87967621; Email:; Fax: 0571 85372380; Business License No. L-ZJ-01802.

Great memory with Hangzhou Delight Travel Service
2012-10-28 17:58:22
I had a great time in my Hangzhou tour, we have seen the temple ,tea plantation ,west lake ,and the impression west lake show. Hangzhou was such a nice place to visit .I was impressed by the relaxsive life style and the beautiful seceneries . I would like to express my thanks to Hangzhou Delight Travel Servcie here . They arranged my tour in Hangzhou so smooth and pleasent . The guide was so helpful to my any questions.Thank you so much. -----John London.
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