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Hangzhou Grand Theater/杭州大剧院
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If you've been reading our mag for any period of time, you might be under the impression that we are not at all the cultured type. Not so. OK, our writing might be a tad gutteresque, and we do talk about hangovers quite a bit, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy a finely sung areola (oops, aria) or precisely plucked pipa. When we want to feel all genteel-like, we book some tickets at the Hangzhou Grand Theater.

We won't go off on the east again (the Ed. is getting a little sick of that), but we will tell you that this place is the heart of the CBD. And while everything is still being constructed around it, which includes the globe-shaped convention center, the place still draw crowds from the city. Why, ask you, will someone travel forty minutes to the middle of nowhere to see a show. Because, HZ Grand has state-of-the art facilities, which means that you can see a ballet like The Nutcracker and enjoy the perfect acoustics. It also means that it's easier to draw international groups for plays, concerts, operas and symphonies, which it has done since opening in 2005. But we do have to admit that there are other places that get good shows. Hangzhou Theater does pretty well as does the Zhejiang Concert Hall, and Red Star does a great job of bringing in folk talent, but none have the facilities of the Grand Theater. Plus, it’s worth the trip if just to see the architecture a fantastic construction indeed.

Busses: K84, K517, 991 and 992. 991, 992 leave from Wulin Square and Wushan Square at 5:50pm and 6:20pm and come back to town a half an hour after the show.

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66 East Zhijiang Rd.

0571 8685 5003

Opening Hours:


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