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Hangzhou Greeters is a non-profit organization which is also a proud member of Global Greeter Network. We offer free tour guide services and our Greeters are ready to give you a chance to discover some of our local curiosities: boating on the West Lake or walking on the Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi or sitting and enjoying a cup of Longjing tea. Although we volunteers are no professional (tourist) guides, we are enthusiastic individuals with unique knowledge of Hangzhou and will show you the city as a friend would do. If you sign up ahead, and send us the info of accommodation we can arrange you a volunteer as soon as possible. All in all, if you want to live a unique experience and know different sides of Hangzhou and want to know places in the city that do not appear in the official tourist guides, we recommend that you request a Hangzhou Greeter. Activity process 1. Foreign tourists book Greeter services in the Hangzhou Greeters website. We greeters will get in touch with tourists by E-mail. We will decide the tourist route (foreigners can choose our recommend route or their DIY route) and will distribute volunteers for them (3 passengers are arranged for 2 volunteers, 4-6 arranged 3, 6 above 4). Foreign tourists will get greeters’ free guide services about 3~5 hours, which also including helping them plan route, arranging transportation as well as scenic spot. However, the greeters’ middle traffic (bus free), catering, tickets will be covered by tourists. We must state there, we may put the photos on the social website which take by greeters during the trip, thanks! 

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