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Hangzhou Normal University/杭州师范大学
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Located in Hangzhou, a celebrated city with historical culture and the Capital City Of Zhejiang Province, the University consists of Xiasha, Yuhangshan and Gudangwen Campuses, occupying a total area approximating to 900 hectares. The University has a building area of some 640,000 sq. m. The school library has collected about 1.90.75 million books.
In addition to Qianjiang College, an independent college owned by the state but run by the local people, there exist in the University 18 schools and 2 fundamental faculties, providing 49 undergraduate majors and 39 postgraduate disciplines, offering corresponding bachelors and master degrees. What’s more, the Institution co-sponsors the international cooperative program with Canberra University, Australia, providing the courses for Master of Educational Leadership. The University has also 3 majors with features at the State level, 11 key majors and 6 key disciplines at the Provincial level, one course of fine quality at the state level and 18 at the provincial level.

HNU has successively established academic ties with 30 or so universities from the United States, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, etc., and Taiwan area, for cooperation and exchanges, and has been enrolling international students from different parts of the world. The University has been fulfilling as well the mission of training up qualified teachers of Chinese and dispatching them abroad to teach the Chinese language and culture. 

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16 Xuelin Street, Xiasha

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