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Harbour Co-living Apartment, Huanglong Branch/湾流国际共享社区, 黄龙店
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We have our own public area, a lobby, a communal kitchen, a public meeting area and a gym.You can order wine, coffee or tea at the lobby. You can buy food in the 24-hour vending machine.There is a microwave oven, an induction cooker, an oven, a juicer, a scalper, a common washing machine, a utility dryer in the communal kitchen, and each room has a cabinet of its own. All of these are free.In our public meeting area, you can watch movies, listen to music, sing karaoke and so on.We have our own book corner and you can borrow all the books here for free. We have our own gym, which is open 24 hours a day and is free to all tenants.

There are 156 rooms in our apartment. The price is slightly different because the Windows and area of each room are different. The higher the floor, the more expensive it is. Only 10 of the floors have a public area. Tenants on all floors can use public equipment. There are three types of rooms in our apartment.Each room is 30-35 square meters. Each room is equipped with a television, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, water heater, and separate bathroom.

The surroundings of the apartment:
1. There is a bus stop downstairs, about five minutes’ walk.
2. There is the largest stadium in Hangzhou near our apartment.
3. There are two big supermarkets near here, about ten minutes’ walk. You can walk about 20 minutes to the nearby subway station.

The cost of renting:
1. Rent: RMB 4,800-6000 yuan/month.
2. Management service fee: 260 yuan/month, including net fee, maintenance and service charge.
3. Water fee: 4.6/ ton, electric fee: 1.2/ degree.

1. The water and electricity in each room is calculated separately.
2. We have a parking space, but you have to pay 700 yuan for parking every month.If you have a electromobile, you can also put it in our garage and charge it (for free).
3. The management service fee includes network fee, equipment maintenance and other related service charge.
4. The form of payment for rent: One or three to one/ Full payment.
5. You have to rent for at least half a year.
6. Maximum of two persons per room.
7. Room area: 30-35 square meters.
8. No pets.

1. There will be parties, activities, at least once a week.
2. There will be a personal trainer who comes to the gym and gives free classes to the tenants.
3. Our current tenants include pilots, university professors, ali employees, writers,lawyer and so on.

The good news:
1. If you recently come and rent a room, first month free to live.
2. Inviting your friends over to rent, if he rents for a year, your management fee for the first four months will be reduced. If he rents for half a year, your management fee for the first two months will be reduced.

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6-10/F, Yuquan Building, 135 Tianmushan Road

137 7737 5837

Opening Hours:
9am - 10pm

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