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Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar/海森堡™ 现代德国餐厅
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With an MO of providing a true representation of what is happening in a modern Germany, Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar delivers traditional German and Bavarian dining in a modern era, whilst keeping a safe distance from fusion-style food. The name (literally translating as ‘bread time’) refers to a cosy meal complemented by fresh beer, something carried off with a kind of German pizazz and precision that many of us have come to know and love.

Everything comes with the intention of bringing you and your party closer together. Seating coaxes you into leaning into conversation rather than slouching away from it, meaning you are left with no choice but to put the phone down and soak up your company. Should you underestimate your party size, these leather benches also allow for the squeezing on of extra members and a closeness that can only encourage comradery. Altogether, Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar provides the perfect setting for that special occasion or social event, be it among friends, family or colleagues.

To continue this theme, many of Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar’s signature dishes come in platter form, allowing you to try the best of what they offer, all while conversing and sharing your opinions on the dishes served. The Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar Platter (518RMB) embodies this best, boasting a selection of sausages, sweet and spicy pork ribs and their trademark pork knuckle, crispy-skinned, yet moist within. Taking 72 hours to prepare and well-worth the wait, this is subject to limited stock so order early. Platters come with a choice of sides.

If you’re looking for something lighter, their award-wining Seafood Salad(78RMB) might fit the bill, or in keeping with authenticity, the Bavarian Potato Dumplings with Spinach(78RMB). Starters are also plentiful, including smaller sausage platters, Chicken Fillets(58RMB) or one of their freshly baked Bavarian Pretzels(12RMB). For dessert it doesn’t get more traditional than the Kaïserschmarren(88RMB), shredded rum and raisin pancakes served with plum sauce.

As for beer, Pils, Lager, Dark Lager, Weissbier and Hefe-Weissbier(68RMB 0.5L) are all imported straight from Germany’s renowned Krombacher brewery, and in keeping with Germany’s purity laws, avoid the use of additives. Beer samplers(88RMB) are available for the unsure. Beer mixes, German wines, coffees and soft drinks available also.

Having recently secured a partnership with the Bundesliga, free memorabilia and food give-aways will be handed out during matches. Also, right now a ‘Kids eat Free’ special offers a free kids meal with adults spending more than 100RMB.

Located in In77, underground parking available. Outdoor smoking/seating area.

Fabi from Bavaria
2017-01-23 16:33:24
best pork knuckle i ever had. seriously.
Haxnbauer is not "Bread Time"
2016-11-10 11:02:22
Seems as if Brotzeit ("Bread Time") and Haxnbauer got mixed up. Haxnbauer could be translated to "Knuckle Builder"or "Knuckle Farmer"
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103, Building 1, 1st Lane, Longxiangli, Zone 77B, Hubin InTime Mall, 255 Yan'an Road

0571 8659 3580

Opening Hours:
10am - 12am

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