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He Jia Yuan/和家院
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It is getting harder and harder to find quality meals in the 40-50RMB/person price range. Though there aren't as many little shops as there used to be, they are still around. Any trip down a small street leads to a cheap place to eat. They deliver good bang for the buck, or crack for the kuai. 20-40RMB/person is fine, but these might not be the kind of places anyone would like to take a client, colleague, or new friend. It would seem like there would be a lot of 40-50RMB places. Grandma's Kitchen reaps in the cash on this market. We love Yaya Restaurant, and Fengdu. They do a fantastic job and never make us check our pockets to see if we brought enough cash. We order two more dishes than we normally would because it's cheap enough to gamble on something we've never had before. More often than not, the gamble pays off. We found He Jia Yuan when coming back from Gaia Yoga one afternoon. It looked clean, people were ordering by pointing at the displays, and the price was on the mark. The location near Deep Blue Plaza, just northeast of Wulin Square, is also a hit. We went the next day as an office. He Jia Yuan is perfect for an office trip outside the canteen. The food isn't too crazy, the decor is suitable, everyone can order what they like, and again, it's affordable. There are a few pots of things simmering atop a low flame just on the left-hand side as you walk in the door. They don't look that great at first, but we recommend you not stay away from them. The pork and beans were like mommy used to make. Also try the one with beef and assorted things. It looks a bit nasty, but it was fantastic once it was on the table. To wash everything down we had a very tasty pitcher of fresh orange juice. It was 170RMB for the four of us. Visual menu available. 

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198 Chaohui Road

0571 8586 2068

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm

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