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Heitao /黑桃
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Xixi Xinzuo, the office building complex on Xixi Road opposite the Zhejiang University National Science Park, is quickly becoming a dining destination. With the second Alipay building being built next to it, there are many restaurants being constructed to serve the hordes of IT workers soon to be coming to the area. This month we bring you a review for Heitao, a trendy stylish restaurant lounge. The owners, Simon and Clare, had both spent time in Ukraine and they have a modern mindset and are both very cool people. The customers here are mostly young people in their 20-30s and it’s a nice place to hang out after work.

The chef is from Hong Kong and specializes in western cooking with some occasional fusion ideas. We really liked the Gan Cai and Pork Pizza (干菜猪腿肉比萨, 68RMB). If you’ve ever had a mei gan cai rou shao bing (a thin Chinese pancake with preserved vegetable and pork cooked in hot steel drums in little shops by the street) then you’ll know the kind of flavour this pizza has. With the added cheese, tomato sauce and arugula of a typical pizza, it’s one of the more successful fusion creations we’ve had.

The Bandit Roast Chicken (山贼烧鸡,68RMB) has a nice sweet, slightly acidic BBQ sauce with juicy chicken meat and caramelized skin. The Rock Salt Rib Eye Steak (岩盐肉眼牛排,168RMB) is seasoned in a special way. It comes to your table and the server places the steak over a hot slab of salt rock, flips it once and the steak gets salted from this contact with the rock.

For dessert, you should try the Pu’er Tea Crème Brûlée (普洱茶焦糖布丁, 18RMB). The cream is thick and rich and you have the smokiness of Pu’er tea coming through.

At the moment there is only a Chinese, but the English menu should be out by the time this review is published. Smoking is permitted. Parking is available in the underground lot.

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Room 201, Building 7, Xixi Xinzuo, 550 Xixi Road

0571 8777 1606

Opening Hours:
10am – 11pm

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