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i-Like Café/伊咖啡
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One look at i-Like's expensive leather chairs and resurfaced vintage couches, and we felt like we had been granted access to a VIP club. High ceilings, antiques, and a TV broadcasting old black and white movies create an inviting atmosphere for this new cafe/bar/restaurant. It is hard to say exactly what i-Like wants to be. They have a respectable menu, interesting coffees, gorgeous desserts and a full bar. Are they a cafe? A classy restaurant? A nightclub or lounge? That depends more on you and what time of day you are there. They say it gets crazy at night, but is chill during the day.

The More crew went for lunch and sampled a good portion of their menu. If an indulgent meal is what you crave, check out the Smoked Salmon Rolls (烟熏三文鱼卷) 88RMB, New Zealand BBQ Lamb (新西兰孜然烤羊架) 128RMB, and Fois Gras with Berry Sauce (招牌法式香煎鹅肝) 158RMB. The above were all quite excellent, worthy of any seasoned foodie. Possibly the most impressive were the massive French oysters, so fresh the meat recoiled when you squeeze lemon on it, are 98RMB each. If you are looking for something a bit less wallet-lightening, but equally satisfying, they have simpler dishes available. We loved the big 68RMB salads, notably the Parma Cheese Beef Salad (帕马芝士牛肉沙拉) and the Shrimp and Bacon Salad (鲜虾沙拉). Other big winners were the Seafood Fried Rice (招牌海鲜炒饭) 45RMB, Thai Chicken Curry (泰式咖喱鸡肉) 55RMB, and Spaghetti (意式肉酱面) 42RMB. Coffees, juices and desserts are available for around 40RMB and everything was impressive. Overall, i-Like is impressive and would make a great place to relax for the afternoon, or for a evening celebration. Be prepared to drop some serious dough to experience the full effect, but it will be worth it. Parking and Wi-Fi available.

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95 Shangtang Road

0571 8536 1609

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 1:30am
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