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iLike Music & Art is a swanky new bar and club tucked away on Shangtang Road. The design is a fancy kaleidoscope of design choices, with a small gallery room serving as the entrance with a hidden door. Don’t worry about not being able to find the entryway though, the decor is subtle but the staff is helpful and omnipresent.

As you enter the spacious main room, the look changes drastically, with purple and neon lights and a house DJ playing house music at 90 decibels in front of a massive screen. In terms of music and visual appeal, this would remind you of any of the largest clubs in Hangzhou, with some significant differences.

The bar is set up as a ring in the center of the club, showing a clear emphasis on cocktails as part of iLike’s appeal. Contrast this with the places near Dragon Stadium or on Baochu Road, invariably the bars are squeezed in the back or off to the side, and their drinks are generally overpriced and limited to only the most basic cocktails. iLike has a comparatively massive selection of cocktails, with standards like Negronis and Gin and Tonics at 68RMB, and classics like Mojitos, Whisky Sours, Martinis, and Moscow Mules all priced at 78RMB. The top end of this set are Manhattans and Singapore Slings at 88RMB and the Zombie at 98RMB.

They also have a set of original cocktails—very unusual for a club, but very welcome!—we enjoyed the light and sweet Rose Glamour (78RMB) and the fruity iLike (98RMB).

Naturally, this being a club they have bottle service as well, with tables appropriate for kicking it back around the perimeter of the club, and bottles priced surprisingly well with a selection that seemed designed to appeal to my tastes.

Whiskey! Ardbeg, my favorite! Ardbeg 10 Year comes not just by the bottle, but you can also order individual glasses as well, at 70RMB a pour. If your whiskey tastes don’t overlap with mine they obviously have a variety, with Glenfiddich 12 Year, Glemfarcas 10 Year, Macallan Double Cask and the aforementioned Ardbeg 10 year ranging from 1080-1380 for a bottle.

The more expensive selection goes at 80RMB a glass, 1580/bottle and includes Glenfiddich 18 Year, Dalmore 12 Year, and Balvenie 12 Year.

I'm not a beer guy or a Jagermeister lover, but cases of Hoegaarden, Budweiser, and 1664 Kronenbourg can be had at 720RMB/12 bottles, and Jager is available at 1180 for a bottle that comes with some Red Bull or whatever you want to water it down with.

iLike is a really nice hybrid of form that I feel like has been missing in Hangzhou; all the other clubs have trended in a very predictable and standardized, almost cookie-cutter like way, they’re essentially interchangeable with one another. This place has the clubby parts that you like, but combines it with a clear focus on cocktails and an actual bar.

When you go there, flash them this article to get your choice of one free beer (Hoegaarden, Budweiser, or 1664 Kronenbourg); ladies, look for your big surprise in the end of this post, we have a free prize for you!

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95 Shangtang Road

0571 8536 1609

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 1:30am

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