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A playgroup for children from 0-6 yrs. in Hangzhou. Holds weekly meetings for babies and kids as well as occasional special events. Provides a chance for children to play in a safe and friendly environment,  have fun and meet other children and families in Hangzhou. Contact: Alli Kraft,, phone: 13777834428. (Alli also keeps a lot of information regarding babies and children in Hangzhou. She can help with questions, advice, and contact information.)

2014-06-28 11:09:14
hi,i am looking for playgroups in Hangzhou. please contact me if you have any information.I have two boys age of two and 5m. please contact me wechat:
Summer Camp for 4-5 Years Old Kids
2009-06-15 00:02:38
Friday June 12, 2009: Looking for playmates of 4 to 5 years old kids, to play in a playground including a sandy beach, parks, and special equipment for climbing on, riding on. And we can drive you to the playground. If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks Summer Camp David Playgroup Email: Message: 137 0571 5857
Playgroup in Hangzhou
2009-01-30 23:23:57
20/Jan/2009 I am looking for playgroups in Hangzhou. Please contact me if you know any information. If not, I would like to form a playgroup with some parents and caregivers. I have a 3.5 years old boy and English is his first language. He needs some more playmates in Hangzhou. If intersted, please contact me at email: or telphone: 137 0571 5857. Thanks.
Playgroup in Binjiang District
2007-10-07 07:23:40
You have an advertisment that we can not contact anybody. Could you tell me who is the person that I should call to go to this playgroup? Thanks Angeles
International Playgroup
2007-02-02 19:11:58
Alli is no longer in Hangzhou. There is no fixed playgroup at the moment.The mothers are taking turns to host in their houses every week.
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