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Jiang Nan Yi, Shangtianzhu Branch/江南驿, 上天竺店
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It all started a few years ago, at a location nestled within the mist-enshrouded foothills off Siyanjing. A rather humble, secluded little restaurant named Jiang Nan Yi gained instant notoriety as the spot where Hangzhounese were uncharacteristically willing to wait in exasperatingly lengthy queues, just to grab a seat, and devour steaming bowlfuls of chef/owner Tuzi's Flower Pepper Chicken, which was otherwise known as the city's best jiaomaji (椒麻鸡). There were always plenty of other dishes on the menu, of course, but those oversized portions of savory braised chicken in a rich, succulent sauce were readily the most visible item to anyone who happened to be there during any of Jiang Nan Yi's busy nights. Now you can see much of the same activity at their newest location, which is not only a mere stone's throw from Faxi Temple, but is also situated in such a way that you'll easily lose yourself in a few hours of contemplation, after settling into one of their outdoor seats on a warm day. On our trip, we dug into their famed chicken dish (椒麻鸡) for 68MRB, and we tucked into a few other goodies too: Chicken Feet (鸡爪) at 2.5RMB for each gnarled claw, Curry Shrimp (咖喱虾) for 56RMB, Sour and Spicy Stir-fried Cabbage (酸辣包心菜) for 15RMB, Short Ribs Cooked in the Pickled Tofu Sauce (南乳仔排) for 48RMB, Wonton and Fish Soup (馄饨煮鱼) for 48RMB, Spicy Sausage Steamed with Sausage and Cabbage (麻辣土香肠蒸腊肠) for 48RMB, as well as a rather large selection of nice beers ranging in price from 10 – 45RMB/bottle. It's definitely worth noting that a drive up to this venue might be nice for its scenic roads that wind up the hillsides; but you might want to bring some pocket money for parking spots that are available at about 15RMB for an hour-long stay.

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355 Tianzhu Road (Next to Faxi Temple)

0571 8715 3273

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 8pm

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