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Joy Bar, Xueyuan Branch/酒隐, 学院店
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Even though we really wanted to try to keep this hidden gem to ourselves, but it’s our job to reveal the new places to our readers, so now we have to share with you guys, and trust us, you will like this place. It’s not far from Reggae Bar, this junction is call Huaxing Road and Xueyuan Road, just when you think there will be nothing on the east side of Huaxing Road (well, east over Xueyuan Road is called Haiguan Road), guess what, that’s exactly where Joy nestles itself. We wandered around that area for a while, almost couldn’t believe there is a bar down in this alley way. It’s small, made of dark wood, with a wall full of all kinds of single malt whiskey.

The owner – Yasin and his favorite bar tender are both from north China, after years experience in five star hotels, he has now opened this single malt whiskey bar – Joy. Drink menu is big, the whiskeys are divided by regions, Campbeltown, Isle of Jura are a part of them, and there are totally more than 200 types of single malt whiskey, what impressed us more is they even had hand-made ice rock, round ones and square ones. Whiskey by glass is normally from 40RMB to 80RMB, aside from Ardbeg Corryvreckan which is 120RMB/glass. Bottles are mostly ranged between 780RMB to 3,300RMB, but for a bottle Royal Brackla 1974 which goes for a heaving 12,800RMB.

If you are a cocktail lover, don’t sweat, there are plenty drinks for you too, ten types of Mojito in strawberry, ginger, mango, kiwi, pineapple flavor for you to choose. They also do Martinis, Margaritas, and Daiquiris priced between 45RMB and 60RMB.

We had 15 year Laphroaig (apparently that’s the limited version), a Ginger Mojito and the classic Old Fashioned. We have to mention the Old Fashioned, because it was perfectly made: Angostura bitters soaked sugar cube was burnt on a piece napkin, Yasin wiped along the glass with this napkin, a piece of slightly burnt citrus rind, rye and soda. It was the perfect drink after a day of heavy work.

Now you wanna go, right? Ok, ok, we’ll share it with you, this hidden gem is defiantly worth checking out.

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2-2 Huaxing Road

136 6660 2871

Opening Hours:
7pm - 2am

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