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Kebab actually isn’t new to Hangzhou. We’ve seen them before a few year ago when they had their shop next to G+ near Hubin Road. Then more recently, Kebab has been appearing at food festivals around Hangzhou. With the opening of this Qingziwu branch, Kebab now has 5 branches, including locations in Xiasha, Xiaoheshan and even Shanghai.

The main attraction is, of course, the meat, of which there are 2 kinds. You’ll see spits of lamb and chicken spinning around the grills and getting a nice brown char.

After you decide which meat you want, you choose between kebabs, pitas or ciabatta (25-36RMB), which are 3 different vehicles for basically the same filling.

The kebab is a long roll, the pita is cut open and filled inside and the ciabatta is a long rectangular spongy bread. 

There are also falafels (35RMB) and paninis (25-28RMB), a soft, white roll with meat, grilled red, yellow and green peppers and melted cheese on top.

There are 4 sauces at the table for customers to use – Sriracha, ketchup, homemade yogurt and herb sauce and a homemade sesame sauce, which is not tahini, but more like a Japanese sesame salad dressing. They have a homemade thick, creamy garlic sauce at the counter too.

For drinks, there’s a great introductory price of 5RMB for a large tumbler of Lemon Iced Green Tea or Blackberry Iced Black Tea. The regular price will be 15RMB. A whole pitcher of sangria goes for 158RMB. Their coffees are really good, as the owner brings the coffee beans from Spain, and inexpensive too. A strong cup of espresso or Americano goes for only 12RMB.

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70 Qingzhiwu (close to South Gate of Zhejiang Uni Yuquan Campus)

187 5808 1168

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 10:30pm
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