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Kingdom Restaurant/金桃餐厅
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If I’d had left Kingdom with an empty stomach, I wouldn’t have been altogether disappointed. The premises here are rather beautiful, easily located via the two renovated white VW Golfs that are located by the front door. Inside, half of a converted warehouse, walks a fine balance between being tasteful and practical. The first floor pairs generous amounts of white with light leather seating, while the central stairs lead up to the second (smoking) floor that is much more open with stool and bench-style seating, from which the huge wooden beams overhead can be appreciated.

Kingdom has a wide range of food choices – to pick a few at random from their appetizers, French Style-Mussels (68RMB), German Sausages (68RMB), Quesadillas (68RMB) and Thai Curry Wraps (68RMB). We began with the foremost of these, a small portion (around ten) of their Sautéed Mussels, fresh from ZhouShan. They are cooked in a fairly simple white wine sauce that smelt extraordinary and tasted even better. Make use of their complimentary home-cooked bread to mop any that might be left over.

Another one of their appetizers is the Pork Buns (58RMB), mini burgers using pulled pork between two pieces of steamed bread that could be shared as a starter for two. The Tortellini with Tofu and Chicken Broth (58RMB) had mini tortellini in a mild chicken broth. For best results be sure to get a spoonful including both.


The Tomato and Watermelon Salad (58RMB) could serve as starter or side dish, a Rubik’s Cube of Tomato, Cucumber, Watermelon and Mozzarella pieces that work surprising well together to a create a light, refreshing bite. 

For main dishes, the Short Ribs (258RMB), recommended to be shared by two people, was a thick bone covered in meat and slow cooked in their secret sauce for twenty-four hours, then served up with a side of rice hash browns. Alternatively, their Cod Slow Cooked in Miso with Seaweed Rice (138RMB) was cooked very well using a nice piece of fish that could be enjoyed alone or shared with another and might make you forget Hangzhou isn’t even on the coast.

A modest selection of desserts is available, but fans must choose the Chocolate Cake (58RMB), served with ice cream and certainly too good to share. Juices (Watermelon, 35RMB), Coffee (Cappuccino, 35RMB) and alcoholic beverages too.

Kingdom has set meals starting from 470RMB for two, Afternoon Tea from 128RMB for two, plus Kids set meals for 80RMB, so now might be the time to treat a loved one like royalty. Parking available.

2019-03-21 11:38:29
This is a fantastic hidden treasure.
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Building 31, Dongxin Hechuangyuan, 139 Liuhe Road

0571 8880 1551

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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