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First it should be noted that Kitchen@K has a strong focus on seafood, with a broader selection of fish and crab and lobster and everything under the sea than I’ve ever seen represented in a single buffet, with crab legs overflowing from enormous baskets, a huge variety of sushi and sashimi, and a grill station that represents whitefish fillets, scallops, squid, and saury equally along with the expected lamb and pork chops and steaks and sausages and skewers… the crew working the grill had a lot to do!

Those who know me well are aware of some of my exhortations on food and ethics, and I tend to avoid buffets because I feel a moral obligation to eat and drink as much as my body can tolerate and this conflicts a little with my desire to live my life in a state of equipoise. I did maintain some degree of discipline insofar as no matter how delicious any individual dish was, I wouldn’t go back for seconds until after I’d tried a little bit of pretty much everything the buffet had to offer, and the variety of offerings at Kempinski kept me very busy and very stuffed and ultimately very falling off the wagon where my healthy habits are concerned.

Of course, seafood isn’t for everyone and Kitchen@K more than allows for every dietary preference. I was able to warm up with a variety of salads and roast mushrooms and vegetables to make myself feel better about what I would do to myself later, including a delicious ratatouille, which I haven’t seen among a buffet’s offerings before. In general my rule was to try the things I’d never had in a buffet before first, and then move on to the more familiar stuff like duck and roast pork. Regionally, the buffet offers a great mix of Eastern and Western cuisines, including local delicacies like Dong Po Rou, Thai dishes like curry, and European style breads and cheeses and butters.

Lunches from Monday to Friday are 312RMB per person, or 452RMB/person on the weekend;  dinners from Sunday to Thursday are 429RMB per person, and 452RMB on Friday and Saturday. Choose your time wisely, because dinners and weekend lunches—the pricier ones—come with free flowing wine and I suggest not missing out on abusing that privilege. My personal recommendation as a professional hedonist is to go for the weekend lunch option or any of the dinners so you can end your feast by liberally enjoying alternating coffee with wine and cheese as you sample their massive dessert table of cakes and cookies and pies.

Kempinski is located next to a beautiful north-south stretch of the Grand Canal, and the 4th floor buffet has a gorgeous and expansive outdoor terrace. The elevation and relative isolation of the terrace kept the noise of the city at a minimum, and a lovely breeze made the evening air a welcome reprieve from this blisteringly hot summer we’ve all been enduring. Go with a group or go with a date, this is a great new addition to Hangzhou.

Lunch: 312RMB net/person (Mon. - Fri.) 452RMB net/person (Sat. - Sun.),
Dinner: 429RMB net/person (Sun. - Thurs.) 452RMB net/person (Fri. - Sat.)

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4/F, Kempinski Hotel Hangzhou, 66 Lishui Road

8809 3333 - 6261/6262

Opening Hours:
6:30am - 9:30pm

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