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A lovely little New Zealand bakery has opened up inside Splash Restaurant in Binjiang. New Zealander Colby has always been a keen home baker, and now thankfully she has started a bakery so that we can all enjoy her delicious baked treats. You’ll find Kiwi Cakes New Zealand Chocolate House across the street from Four Points Sheraton. Go inside the parking lot, turn right and then you’ll see a sign for the bakery on your left.

It’s a family friendly place with children and dogs running around, colourful stripped awnings and Elvis Presley crooning on the sound system. You almost feel like you’re not in China at all but have wandered into a bucolic small town café that could easily be anywhere in the western world.

Colby makes donuts, cupcakes and cakes (Chocolate, Red Velvet, Carrot), cookies (Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter), muffins, truffles and some special items like Lemon Square, Bannofie Pie and Caramel Square. Items cost between 8-20RMB and ten-inch cakes go for 200RMB.

The Caramel Square (12RMB)had a thick coconut base, thin layer of caramel andan even thinner layer ofchocolate topping. It was sticky, gooey and addictively scrumptious. One bite and it caught our attention immediately. We had never tasted a combination like this before,and Colby told us caramel squares are quite a common homemade dessert in New Zealand.

The Chocolate Cupcake (15RMB) was another must-try with moist chocolate cake, chocolate ganache icing and peanut butter buttercream. Enough said.

Colby uses New Zealand chocolate, butter, milk and cream for her baking. Prices are very reasonable for such high qualityauthentic baked desserts.Drinks include Whittaker’s Hot Chocolate (25RMB), Manuka honey lemon tea (20RMB) and green and chamomile teas (15RMB). Coffees can be provided by Splash Restaurant. In fact, diners at Splash and Kiwi Cakes can sit anywhere in the restaurant and order food from both establishments.

Kiwi Cakes is open Monday-Saturday from 8am-2pmand popular items sell out fast. Hangzhou residents take note – interesting things are happening in Binjiang.

jim hughes
2016-10-28 17:13:45
hi is the bakery phone number changed please let me know
2015-04-27 19:44:26
I'm fortunate to live in BinJiang near Colby's bakery and it's amazingly yummy!!! And the restaurant Splash is great for a bite to eat as well. Five plus stars to Colby! I love the glazed donuts and just about EVERYTHING else. YUM!!!
Tash Strother
2015-04-24 13:23:12
Yay colby congrats, yummy wish I was tasting and visiting you guys right now.
2015-04-24 03:16:26
So awesome Colby, so proud of you, wish I could come there and taste everything xx
2015-04-22 09:41:38
Kiwi Cakes is AMAZING. I just wish there was one closer to me but It's totally worth the trip. Love the chocolate cupcakes and donuts but the caramel squares are by far the winner.
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440-442 Tianhong Junyi, Dongxin Avenue, Binjiang (next to Subway)

156 5817 5032

Opening Hours:
9am - 11pm

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