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La Pedrera, Dragon Hotel Branch/巴特洛西班牙餐厅,黄龙店
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It’s been almost two years since Baishaquan closed down for renovations. During this time, our beloved restaurants and bars have been scattered around town, reappearing in different incarnations, waiting around in limbo to start up again. Hangzhou’s favourite Spanish restaurant, La Pedrera, had its main branch at Baishaquan, then last year spent a brief period at Mr. Box on Wenyi Road, and then made a triumphant comeback at The Dragon Hotel: it’s new permanent home.

Right next to The Dragon Hotel’s Hangda Road entrance, you’ll see the entrance for La Pedrera. It is part of the hotel structure, but having its own separate entrance helps maintain its identity as a restaurant. Around the restaurant, there are flecks of Gaudi inspired mosaics, and we think we spotted the Parc Guell dragon that used to sit in front of La Pedrera’s Baishaquan restaurant lying outside in the patio area. Speaking of which, the patio will be lovely for weekend brunches al fresco.

On the first night that the restaurant opened, we attended a media event to celebrate La Pedrera’s return. There is a large dining room flanked on one side by a long bar counter. Near the back you’ll find precious legs of Spanish ham poised like rare specimens on a table and exclusive Australian wagyu beef displayed behind glass panes.

That Spanish ham comes in different grades ranging from 36-month Jamon Paleta Recebo (98RMB) to the most prized 48-month old Jamon Iberico Bellota (168RMB). Do be kind to yourself and go for the 48-month old. The pale pink flesh is nearly translucent and the high fat content makes it shimmer and glisten. It positively melts in your mouth, and you can taste the sweetness from the acorns that these Iberian pigs were fed.

The Foie Gras toasts with Fig Jam and Mango Spheres (88RMB) were so good that we asked the waiter if he would be so kind as to rummage us up a second plate from the kitchen.

There are some new additions to the menu that we’re excited to try in the coming months, such as Salmorejo with Raspberry and Ham Crispy Bread (48RMB) or Lobster Rice Caldoso (298RMB). We’re also happy to see the Beef Tartar with Truffle (88RMB), which was one of the best we’ve had anywhere, is still on the menu.

La Pedrera, we’re very glad you’re back!

2016-12-28 14:45:49
Ordered a Spanish Paella for lunch. Paella tasted like rice mixed in canned tomato sauce and microwaved in an over. Its a shame for this restaurant to call itself Spanish. AVOID!!!
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2 Hangda Road

0571 8899 5577

Opening Hours:
11am - 1am

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