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In the summer of 2016, Lady M Confections, the Japanese-inspired French pastry boutique, opened its fifth location in New York City at the heart of NoMad, the area in the northwest corner of the Flatiron Business Improvement District. Founder Ken Romaniszyn said he chose the new location because it is "perfectly located across the street from French fashion house Maison Kitsuné and nestled between the NoMad and Ace Hotels, which adds another level of sophistication to the increasingly trendy neighborhood."

Lady M is known for its signature Mille Crêpes cakes, loosely translated from the French as “cake with thousand crepes." The Mille Crêpes cake does not actually have a thousand crepe layers; it is made of approximately 20 fresh handmade crepes separated by light pastry cream between each layer. The light, airy cake with its caramelized top first rose to popularity in 2005 when the New York Times wrote a piece praising that the cake “succeeds so splendidly not just because it's wildly delicious but also because it's a clever design.”

Beyond their signature cake, Lady M also features a Green Tea matcha-dusted Mille Crêpes cake (paying homage to their Japanese roots) and other confections including Lady Macaroons, an award-winning Gâteau Nuage (cheesecake), Strawberry Shortcake, Checkers Cake, chocolate éclairs, financiers, and other seasonal items. The boutique also offers a morning take-away coffee service for those in a rush to the office or a dine-in option for people who desire a more moderate and gentler start to their morning. 

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Booth B1S28, B1/F, Phase Two, Mixc Mall, 701 Fuchun Road

40008 96999

Opening Hours:
10am - 9:30pm

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