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Late Market/累马
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Don’t come to Late Market in search of groceries. In fact, the only fruit and veg you will find here will be on the side of one of their cocktail glasses. Late Market is very passionate about its mixed drinks, going to great lengths to create an entirely original menu, divided into two sections of ‘old school’ and ‘new school’. The new are those cocktails made from scratch while the old puts innovative spins on some of the classics.

Late Market is divided into two parts. The front, where the bar is located, has a relatively light mood, with a handful of seating around a brightly lit bar. However, hidden behind a shelf of vinyls is this place’s underbelly – stairs descending down into a dimly-lit basement of low leather seating with a speakeasy vibe.

Back to the drinks. The drinks menu here was designed by a decorated barman, who has been ranked highly in China and globally for his ability in mixing cocktails, meaning a lot of thought has gone into every one of their signature drinks in order to offer mixtures of complementing tastes and creative blends you are unlikely to have bumped into before.

To pick but a few from a long list of their original creations, the Columbus Martini (78RMB) tasted similar to a sweet iced coffee, the espresso shot used to make it made from Columbian coffee beans. The smooth Cengroni (78RMB), with rum, vermouth and bitters, should be enjoyed very slowly while the Aviation Cocktail (78RMB) contained gin, a mix of fruit flavours plus a lit stick of lavender to add the dimension of smell to the taste sensation. My personal favourite was the Westside (78RMB): gin, cucumber, mint, lime juice and a little wasabi combined to make something very light and refreshing.

Aside from the cocktails, Late Market also has a decent selection of bourbon and a handful of bottled beers (Hoegaarden, 35RMB). Promotions are available most nights, including 2 for 1 cocktails on Tuesdays and a live DJ night every Thursday. Open from 6:30pm-2am. Smoking permitted, parking available. 

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Building 2, Chenghexia, 6 Fengqi Road

151 5806 0898, 156 0653 2117

Opening Hours:
6:30pm - 2am

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