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Ledao HK Restaurant/乐岛港式茶餐厅
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A couple of months ago, we did a review of a place in Xinyifang, and we told you of the dilapidated state of the whole area. It is true, the space around the waterway is going down the tubes, but there is one nicer place just on the end of the street near South Hushu Road, the Ledao Hong Kong Restaurant. In keeping with our outdoor theme this month (which is mentioned in every review so you won't forget), they also have some tables set up outside, which are quite comfortable if a bit small. Though most of the street was dead when we showed up that afternoon, Ledao was packed with people. It was so packed that we even had to wait a couple of minutes for a table. Apparently they have a knack for drawing in the office crowd with their set meals, and cute Hong Kong style snacks. As we often do in these cheaper places, we ordered way too much and by the time everything was on our table, it was overflowing with different dishes. The Spaghetti with Beef in Black Pepper Sauce was your typical local variety of spaghetti, but was good nonetheless. The Deep Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper was tasty if not too spicy, and it was the most expensive thing we had at a low 22RMB. We also had the Bok Choy Fried with Pepper and Fermented Bean Curd Juice, Fried Shredded Pork with Onion, Dumplings Noodle Soup, and HK style Steamed Buns with Barbeque Pork, and six glasses of various fruit juices, and it all came to 160RMB for the gastronomically full four of us. A few more places like this one would surely spruce this area up. English menu available. 

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1 Xinyi Fang

0571 8822 3700

Opening Hours:
11am - 11pm

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