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Lingshun Temple/灵顺寺
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When you need to stretch your legs, what better way to do it than head up the tallest peak in the city, North Peak Mountain, with its altitude of 300 meters (OK, technically not a mountain, but lets go with this translation). Besides the tranquility along the way, the sunlight shining through the tall trees, and the birds chirping away, you have a treat once reaching the top, Lingshun Temple. (For you lazy slobs who don't feel like trudging the half an hour up to the peak, there is a ropeway.) This 1,600-year-old temple is known as God of Wealth Temple to the local folk. Tons of pilgrims make their way up here each year to light some incense (reputedly more smoking away than down below at Lingyin) and say some prayers to bring them fortunes. The architecture is quintessentially Chinese, or si heyuan (四合院), with one hall on three sides and a huge gate on the fourth, all enclosing an area covered in a sea of green. Throughout are gods of wealth (who knew there were so many deities in Buddhism dealing with money?), making this the necessary place to light a slew of joss sticks if the Almighty Kuai is your thang. Not interesting enough for you? Head to the back of the main hall where there are some stone tables and stools to sit and take in the peacefulness the mountain landscape. The abbot here is very hospitable, and he may even invite you to drink a cup of green tea. Going alone is preferable. Take an afternoon off to enjoy the sacred atmosphere and quiet nature above the commotion of the city. Tickets: 10RMB, fortunetelling: 5RMB. Ropeway: 40RMB roundtrip. Busses: 306, K306, K7.

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On the top of North Peak, Behind Lingyin Temple


Opening Hours:
5am – 6pm

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