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Lithe Go Go/莱勾勾
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Everyone was very excited when Element Fresh arrived in our great city last year, and the addition of a joint in which you can eat well, yet guilt free, was welcomed with open arms. These ‘healthy alternative’ places are becoming more and more commonplace, and Lithe Go Go is no exception, aiming to offer some lighter options and at reasonable prices.

Situated on the basement level of West Lake InTime department store, the place has seating for around thirty. When we arrived during peak hours, tables were mostly filled. Although the menus are currently only in Chinese (English to be added in the near future), a coherently laid out menu and clear pictures make ordering dishes less of a guessing game. We opted to start with the Pumpkin (16RMB) and Hungarian Beef Soups (22RMB), the former being thick and sweet, while the latter more hearty, and both are suitable for a cold winter’s evening.

For the main course, a modest list of Pastas, Salads and Rice-based dishes are at your disposable. Their Avocado and Bacon Salad (38RMB) came with an assortment of veg and an egg or two and was certainly big enough to share with a friend. The Black Pepper Beef Pasta (35 RMB) had a strong taste and would suit those more partial to stronger peppery flavours.

Next, Peanut Butter on Toast with side salad (32RMB). Although I was initially confused as to why you would need to come to a restaurant to order such a dish, I will admit it would in itself serve well as a light lunch or perhaps as a quick bite during a lunch break. On the more full-bodied side of things are their rice-based bakes. The Pork Chop Rice au Gratin (35RMB) was much heavier than the other dishes – a slightly browned cheese topping covering thick meat slices, all above a base of rice and veg. As for drinks, it’s healthy across the board, mostly fresh juices and fruit blends (Watermelon Juice 15RMB).

Lithe Go Go, whilst perhaps not being completely original, does offer reasonably priced dining, as almost all its dishes being priced under the 40RMB mark. In addition, with salads and vegetables a plenty, it could also help to shed some of those extra pounds you might have gained over the holiday period. Smoking not permitted. Underground parking available.

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B1/F, West Lake Intime, 98 Yan'an Road

0571 8700 2309

Opening Hours:
9:30am - 9:30pm

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