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Maggie & Rose The Family Member's Club/麦琪·萝丝亲子家庭俱乐部
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Maggie and Rose are two British moms who lamented the lack of venues where both parents and kids can go to spend some quality time, whether it’s for play, learning or just relaxing over tea or some proper food. So, in 2006, they took matters into their own hands and started Maggie & Rose, a private members club for the whole family.

Since then, Maggie & Rose has grown to 2 (soon to be 3) clubs in London, 2 clubs in Hong Kong and now, for their first foray into mainland China, they open a club in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou which will be their largest one yet at 6000㎡. A club in Chengxi (west side of Hangzhou) is coming soon too.

A signature style of Maggie & Rose clubs is their beautifully designed spaces that will appeal to grown-ups as well. Maggie personally designs and overseas the setting up of each club, incorporating vintage wood and antique furniture imported from England to create a classic British look and feel.

The Hangzhou club is on the second floor of Henglong mall in Xiaoshan, but just walk through the quaint London style storefront and you won’t feel like you’re in a mall at all. Enter a magical world where children will be inspired to learn through discovery and creativity.

Early Education Classes

There are classes for kids from 0-6 years old, taught by experienced teachers who came from Maggie & Rose clubs in England using the same curriculum. Whether in the cooking, music & dance or art classes, children are encouraged to fully use their senses to touch, taste, smell, hear and see the world around them, learning through play and action. In art class, kids are encouraged to get messy and release their boundless inner-creativity. In cooking class, they learn about ingredients, food culture and cooking techniques. In music & dance, you can boogie and woogie while learning about different genres from jazz to disco.

The teachers communicate in English with the children and Chinese local teachers are on hand. All classes require that parents accompany their children, since this will foster a closer parent-child bond, improve their emotional connection and turn class time into important memories that the family will cherish.

A unique class at Maggie & Rose is Make & Make Believe where kids first create their own costumes and then enter a make believe world, using their imagination to explore and act out adventures like pirate escapades or underwater journeys.

Bespoke Play Area

Kids can burn off their energy in the uniquely designed play areas. There are ball ponds, a forest play area, big kids hideaway den and a special baby play area. There’s enough to keep kids busy for hours of play.

Gourmet Eats

You won't find sloppy cafeteria food here!

At the public brasserie, the chef comes from The Kitchen restaurant in Shanghai which had served the Italian president when he visited. There are dishes to suit grown-up palettes such as veal ravioli with wild mushroom or pan-fried halibut and kid-friendly food like pizza or fish and chips.

This being an English club, you can find English afternoon tea served with scones and the Queen’s favourite Fortnum & Mason teas. There is even an alcohol serving bar where parents can partake in a gin tonic or Glenfiddich single malt.

Other Amentities

Other facilities include a beauty spa for adults, a kid’s hair salon and a movie cinema playing children’s cartoons every day, such as Frozen or Kung Fu Panda. The cinema is very inviting with big cushions in the front for lying down on and full-size and kid-sized leather armchairs in the back. A popcorn machine adds the finishing touch to this cinema experience.

Maggie & Rose can also help you plan and host parties. They will take care of all details including sending invitations on WeChat, food and drinks, party bags, entertainment and photographers. There are some fun themes to choose from (dinosaurs, princess and superheroes) or they can work with you to create your child’s ultimate party.

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2/F, Henglong Square, Xiaoshan

0571 8225 9597, 0571 8239 5799

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