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Years ago, Mamala opened their first branch of coffee shop/ restaurant in Loft 49, one of the more trendier areas of Hangzhou, where it quickly became a hotspot for designers, artists and sometimes even regular folk to enjoy a intimate dining experience in an environment of art and culture. There second, more conventional branch, has opened in the Kerry center with the help of some new additions to the team. 

These new additions come in form of some of Hangzhou’s most successful interior designers Michael Sun & Shen Lei, with a portfolio including Grandma’s, Yan Xihu, Mordor, Alibaba & Yahoo office building to name just a few. Mamala, too, is similarly chic and uniquely designed - a low lit, refined atmosphere paired with some discreet house music that would serve as the ideal spot for a romantic meal.

The aim here is fine dining, and so a lot of the dishes have influences from France, Italy and Spain, including many flavours you may be familiar with. To begin, their Creamy Mushroom Soup (35RMB) ticked all the boxes and went well with the Quinoa Pumpkin Salad (68RMB), a nutritious, hearty salad including egg, beans, a large chunk of pumpkin drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette. 

For the main, the Sous-Vide Beef Oyster Blade (288RMB), a dish that uses the animal’s shoulder, was succulent and came with a generous side of vegetables, while the Chorizo and Tiger Prawn (168RMB), a stack of Spanish sausage and large prawns, was accompanied by a sweet, lemony sauce. 

The aroma of the Salt Baked Sea Bass (188RMB) was incredible and, after it was dug up from its tomb of herbs and spices, tasted great too. The Tuna and Potatoes Layer Pie (Small, 68RMB), a bake of Tuna, potatoes and plenty of cheese was the perfect thing for a cold winter’s day.

For beverages, their fruit juice mixes are freshly squeezed and very refreshing (Apple&Tomato, 30RMB), but there are also a range of alcoholic drinks on offer should you desire.  

On your way out take a stroll around the adjoining HYSSOP, a boutique-style clothing outlet partnered with the restaurant, to see what trendy threads they have on offer. Smoking not permitted, parking limited.

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106B, Building 1, Kerry Centre, 268 Qingchun Road

180 5718 7799

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2pm; 5:30pm - 8:30pm

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