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Mandolin (Mantuolin) Hotel and Restaurant /曼陀林庭院餐厅
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We kicked off our meal with a disappointing surprise. After getting all excited about the restaurant's signature crayfish dish, we were told, a full ten minutes after ordering it, that they were out. It's another example of local restaurants suffering from the dreaded meiyou syndrome that forced us to reluctantly opt for fish instead. While the substitution wasn't bad, it wasn't what we came for, and we hoped the following dishes would atone for the sins of the restaurant's shoddy inventorying. Unfortunately, as they appeared on our table, they didn't. Unnaturally bright-red pickled vegetables next to a bowl of bland tofu in watery broth, sour and spicy shredded potato, and another large dish of fried pork ribs that were buried under a heap of what looked like puffed-corn breakfast cereal scored high on bringin da funk, but that's a category you usually want to score low in. All in all, we would have preferred to spend the 180RMB we laid out on this meal, on a large bag of those corn puffs, and a couple cases of cold beer so we could crunch on them while knocking back a few while watching the World Cup. The 3 of us had: Puffed-corn and Short Ribs 麦香子排 36RMB; Signature Spicy Fish Slices in Chili Oil 招牌麻辣鱼 56RMB; Sour and Spicy Shredded Potato 酸辣土豆丝 8RMB; Vegetables and Pork Wrapped in Tofu Skin 千叶包三鲜 22RMB; Kimchi 韩国泡菜 8RMB; Red Rock Beer 红石梁 10RMB/bottle; Iced Kumquat Lemonade冰桔茶 20RMB/glass; Our bill: 180RMB.

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43 Yuhuangshan Road

0571 8702 2902

Opening Hours:
11am - 12am

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