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Mango Thai, Qiyue City Branch /美泰餐厅, 栖悦城店
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The good people at Mango Thai have done it again. Located in the happening new Westbrook Resort, this location brings everything we have grown to expect out to the Xixi Wetlands. The whole Westbrook complex is relatively new, but you can find it easily by seeking out the golden triangle created by Tianmushan, Zijinggang, and Wensan Roads. From there, just ask the bao’an for help navigating the area.

We were not sure what to expect from this new location, being a bit off the beaten path. The Westbrook Resort must be getting popular though, because Mango Thai was packed on a Monday night. If you are coming at peak time, you may want to call ahead. There are roughly 20 tables, but seating is comfortable and inviting once you are inside.

The menu has English and pictures, and is basically unchanged from the Shuguan Rd. location. All our favorites are still there. The MORE crew had high expectations and Mango Thai exceeded them. Our feast started with the cool and spicy Papaya Salad (35RMB), Water Spinach in Oyster Sauce and Nuts (28RMB), and the Stir Fried Eggplants with Oyster Sauce and Garlic (22RMB), which is still one of the best eggplant dishes we have ever had. The Sliced Chicken Breast and Kaffir Lime Leaves (42RMB) was a perfect medium spicy, and the chicken was lean as always. The Crispy Perch in Sweet Sour and Spicy Sauce (98RMB) is highly recommended, coming from someone who does not often recommend fish. The Tom Yum Koong soup (68RMB/45RMB) was delicious, sour, and spicy, but a bit heavy on the mushrooms this time. Pad Thai (28RMB) provided the rock to Thai everything together.

To drink, a pitcher of Thai Iced Tea or Thai Coffee (38RMB) quenches the thirst better than any soda. They also offer a healthy selection of juices in the 25RMB range. For dessert, look no further than Mango with Sticky Rice, a true Thai delicacy done perfectly here. Pair this with a trip to the Xixi Wetlands the next time you need to escape the crowds of West Lake.

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1/F Zhonghuan Street, Wenlv Outlets, Qiyue City, 21 Zijingang Road

0571 8522 2177

Opening Hours:
10am - 9:30pm

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