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Mango Thai, Zhongda Branch/美泰泰国餐厅, 中大银泰店
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It’s a good sign when you walk into a Thai restaurant and can smell the aroma of curry spices and fish sauce. The flavours of Thai food are bold, vibrant and colourful, and that’s the way Mango Thai does it. With locations at Westlake Intime and Westbrook Resort at Xixi Wetlands, Mango Thai now opens its third restaurant at ZhongdaIntimeonDongxin Road, bringing flavourful Thai food closer to more people. The menu at all three locations is the same, and you’ll find the Thai classics that you know and love.

Papaya Salad (35RMB) with green papaya, green beans, tomato and peanuts hit all the right notes. There was the sweetness of sugar to balance the saltiness of the pungent fish sauce, chilli to set your scalp tingling and the crunchiness of refreshing green papaya to cool things down.Tom Yum Goong(45RMB small, 88RMB large)was full of fresh prawns, mushrooms and fragrant lemongrass in a sour, sweet and spicy soup. The Sea Crab with Special Yellow Curry (148RMB) had plenty of sweet curry sauce to dip the big pieces of meaty crab in.

The Green Curry Chicken (42RMB) was just like what you’ll find in Thailand with strips of chicken thigh, big green peas, round Thai eggplants, basil and kaffir lime leaves.It’s not too creamy so you can better taste the flavours of the curry paste – the galangal, garlicand chillies.It’s a very good value when you’re craving Thai curry and can’t get away to Thailand.

The Pad Thai (28RMB) was also true to its roots. Tasty fried rice noodles with bits of scrambled egg, deep-fried tofu, shrimps, bean sprouts, green onions and crushed peanuts. Lime and chilli powder are provided on the side of the plate for you to adjust the sourness and spiciness.

For dessert, ripe mangoes over soft warm sticky rice (35RMB) drizzled with coconut milk was a great way to end the meal.

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L505, 822 Dongxin Road

0571 8977 3777

Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm

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