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Me Too Café, Binjiang Branch/蜜桃咖啡,滨江店
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Located rather conveniently for Rainbow City residents, Metoo Café is the newest coffee shop in Binjiang. With Starbucks just a few doors down, Metoo has clearly decided whose business it is after, and they might just succeed.

The café is housed in a shared building with its sister company, SoLife, an exclusive import furniture company, but more on that later. Split over two floors, its spacious warehouse appearance is very appealing. Just about everything, in view, is white, or has been painted white, including the stack of National Panasonic, dial-tuneable, portable, television sets in the entrance. Old and worn, beat up, brown suitcases and travel trunks are attached to the ceiling with embedded spotlights giving the whole place a quirky sense of humour. Offsetting the white is the superbly styled, light-oak effect, coffee bar in the centre of the room, luscious green tropical plants, and comfy sofas lining the walls. Additional seating closer to the bar is also available, and is, weather permitting, a nice looking patio area.

The coffee jockeys behind the bar looked efficient and knowledgeable, plus the fact they serve only Italian-brand, illy®, coffee might bring back more than one customer. I picked up a Macchiato (28RMB) and though the cream topping was a little dubious the underlying coffee was great. A glass of freshly squeezed O.J. (28RMB) was also tasty.

A quick wander around the place took me upstairs (great panelled door design by the way) to an empty (devoid of customers that is) mirror image of the ground-floor café. Heading through a door, I found myself on the 2nd floor of the SoLife furniture showroom. Some amazing pieces from Indonesia (Bali) and Malaysia are available for purchase, including dining tables, cubbies, and cabinets. Heading back downstairs to the ground-floor showroom, I encountered more of the same and a rather strange, but entertaining, wooden sculpture of a skier with a three blade fan stuck up his jacksy. Also available are some stylish bistro-ware and some very nice planters in an assortment of colours.

Back in the café I had another coffee and couldn’t help but notice a group of Apple fan boys (and fan girl) with their iPhones, Mac Airs, and graces devouring the free wireless bandwidth. This is, apparently, a cool joint to hang-out in, don’t you know. They even do some food. Enjoy.

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4309 Binsheng Road

0571 8661 1727

Opening Hours:
9am - 1am

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