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Me Too Café/蜜桃咖啡
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Look on Google Earth and there are lots of spaces around town that are unoccupied by taller buildings. Luckily lots of those spaces are parks, hills and tea fields, but many are old buildings, defunct factories, and rubble-filled grass lots. As is evident on the west side of the lake, many of the latter turn into the former. Of course a lot of the old gets knocked down and turned into the new, but sometimes things are different. Loft 49 was one of the first places to turn a factory site into a bunch of funky offices housing creative types, and now we have the Me Too Café. Their location ist very central in respect to Hangzhou proper, but if more of these places open, this will surely become the coolest part of town to live in. If they had no menu and only charged an admission fee, the place would surely fill up with laptop toting hipsters tapping in on their wi-fi. The place is that well done, but they do have a menu, and there is no admission charge. Double score. 

The food they have to offer is not what one would consider & world class, but we ate everything we ordered without skipping a beat. The Mango and Prawn Salad (38RMB) did the trick, as did the Vegetarian Pizza (28RMB), and the Curry Chicken Rice from the business set menu (38RMB). The juices and coffee were a step above. Big windows, very comfortable chairs, and old factory fixtures make the Me Too Café a wonderful place to spend the day on the laptop when the office is not an option. When the adjoining office space is totally finished, the trip will be more than worth it, if not to just see an awesome work of creativity. English menu available. 

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166 Lishui Road (Opposite to Jinchang Wenhua on Jinhua Road)

0571 8801 9967

Opening Hours:
9am - 1am

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