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Moganshan Solvang Village Boutique Hotel/莫干山唯乐山居
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So, you are looking to get away from the city for a bit, but you’ve exhausted all the usual Hangzhou haunts and want a complete change of scenery…where can you go to shut out all the noise and open your senses at the same time? Moganshan Solvang Village of course! Many of our readers may know that Mogan Mountain has increased in popularity over the past year as ‘the’ place to go for that weekend break, especially in those hot summer months to escape the heat. There are resorts popping up everywhere. 

So why, you ask, or what makes Solvang so special? Nestled right in the midst of hiking trails, this family-feel resort has everything you could ask for to keep your blood pumping whether that be on a hike through bamboo forests, local farms for some fruit picking or to a serene waterfall or perhaps racing around on a mountain bike (available to hire at the resort for a daily fee). Not feeling the ‘sweat it out’ fresh air vibe? How about relaxing on a terrace with a good book, soaking yourself in a large bathtub or if you book on a special weekend, center yourself with some fresh mountain air outdoor yoga?

Not convinced yet? With a fully stocked bar and restaurant, you can really relax, put your feet up and enjoy being looked after. We were so excited to visit Solvang Village after a crazy few weeks back at work and we were not disappointed. From the moment we arrived, Yan, the resort manager was so welcoming. After almost 2 hours of pesky city traffic cramped in the car, she quickly served up hot coffee, fresh juice and some homemade beef dumplings (58RMB). Some other guest were enjoying a hike but I decided to join the yoga group and stretch it all out. Wow, the fabulous instructors really worked those ‘hunched over a computer’ aches out! 

Now, it’s important to mention that being in the mountains it may get a little chilly in the evening but that’s ok because the food will warm you up in no time. Keep the little ones (and some big ones too) with a delicious pizza topped with fresh ingredients from their stone pizza oven (108RMB) or choose from a range of local dishes freshly cooked by the smiling resort chef (you will want to take her home with you!). We ate our way through the entire menu, each dish more flavorful than the last, but a few items stuck out in our minds… they were the poached sliced fish stew in hot chili oil (88RMB), mouth-watering whole roasted chicken (198RMB – this item needs to be requested in advance), steamed eggplant with garlic sauce (48RMB), tomato soup (68 RMB) and a favorite of mine, sweet and sour spare ribs (88RMB). For those of you with a sweet tooth, no dinner is complete without some classic Tiramisu (35RMB)

If you are thinking that a break away is just what you need but don’t have a car (how many of us do?!) then you can take the fast train from Hangzhou East to Deqing station in just 15 minutes and the resort can arrange a car for you from there for a fee. How about organizing a getaway for a larger group of friends of hosting a party? This intimate family retreat has 15 rooms (both for couples and families) with weekday and weekend rates… did I mention they cater for parties and weddings? They really have thought of everything. There’s not much left to say except a big ‘thank you’ to the staff at the Solvang resort for their hospitality and to think of excuses to plan a party!

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112 Xiangdao, Reservior Side, Dazaowu Village, Deqing, Zhejiang

136 6189 4469, 0572 8667 297

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