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Moja /小墨家
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We are always giving you guys places to eat and drink in Hangzhou. This month we’ve decided to change things up a bit. As we so often do, we were trolling around town looking for good spots and stumbled into this little shop on Kaiyuan road (just across the street from Chen Coffee). Upon entering we were awash in a sea of flowers: by our feet, on the wall, on the ceiling… lavender, daisies, baby’s breath were just everywhere! It was as if we’d stepped off of the noisy street and into the south of France.

Don’t be mistaken though. These flowers are not fresh – they are dried. We can pick up fresh flowers at any of the numerous florists around town, but this is the very first dried flower shop we’ve ever seen in Hangzhou, so we just had to find out more.

What makes this place so special is that it offers an alternative to fresh flowers, which eventually die, and plastic flowers, which are just so fake. If this is your thinking as well, take a trip to Moja. For a mere 200RMB, you can get a nice bunch, perfect for a birthday present, and it lasts for three to six years.

We took some time to get to know the owner, Mo Mo, as we perused her selection. Mo Mo is a divorced mother of two who for twenty years was a housewife until deciding to dump her excess baggage and start her own WeChat shop. Business did so well that she opened up her cute little shop (distinguishable by its blue and white striped awning) so that her customers could come in and see her wide selection in person. Mo Mo told us that she sources her flowers from Yunnan, and after they arrive her and her brother spend thirty days to complete the drying process. Sea lavender for 128RMB or a bunch or baby’s breath at 158RMB a bunch is really not much to ask. She also has tea sets (19-60RMB) and jewelry (190-290RMB).

Mo Mo is passionate about flowers, and everyone knows that life is good when you get to work at something you truly love. If you too are passionate about flowers, go in and visit her or add her on WeChat to check out her daily life and the new flowers at the shop: ff130224.

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5 Kaiyuan Road

136 0650 3676

Opening Hours:
12pm - 8pm (Mon.-Sat.), 12pm - 5pm (Sun.)

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