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Mojar, Xiasha Branch/么哈,下沙店
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We've been to Mojito more times than we can easily count now, and on each time we went whether it be a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday afternoon, the place has always been packed. That's what you get when you serve very respectable food right near Zhejiang Yuquan Campus. 

As the name indicates, this Mexican style restaurant, though not near a beach in Puerto Vallarta (the only place I've been to in Mexico), sure does a decent enough job of creating fun and enjoyment for all who go there.

The walls are brightly colored, with plenty of things from south of the border adorning them, and they've got a foosball table that's constantly knocking around. This theme continues into the menu as it focuses on bringing you many of the Mexican favourites you’re bound to have heard of before: Chicken or Corn Tortilla Nachos (38-39RMB), Oven Baked Pork Leg Quesadillas (29RMB), Enchiladas (~30RMB), Burritos (27-39RMB), Tacos (~29RMB) and Fajitas (~55RMB) all come in huge portions and with all the dips and sauces you could ask for. 

After ordering a portion of Chicken Nachos, I almost lost sight of my colleague behind the mountain of chips that was placed between us. Try to tackle alone, or better still, grab a few dishes and split with friends over a beer, Tsingtao bottles are only 5RMB/bottle everyday until midnight! More of the standard Western fare is there too: Salads (35-38RMB) Burgers and Sandwiches (35-48RMB) are all priced very reasonably and, similarly, don’t hold back when it comes to quantity. Not cheap enough? Food specials are available too, including 15RMB Burgers on Mondays, 15RMB Sandwiches on Wednesdays and Burritos for the same price on Fridays. 

Plenty of deals in the drinks department too, with a happy hour lasting from 10:00am (yes, AM) until midnight, allowing you to pick up a Gin and Tonic, Rum and Coke, Screwdriver or Whiskey and Coke for a mere 5RMB. However, if having a quiet afternoon tipple is more your thing, bottled beers are more than available at really cheap prices and cocktails (Mojito 30RMB) all carry a price tag that is nothing to scoff at. Furthermore, coffee fans can enjoy 5RMB Espressos and Americanos all day and night long. These days the guys at Mojito are also pulling the lady crowds every Friday night by offering free cocktails from 8pm until they close. All in all, we can honestly say that this place is a university student's dream, if not ours as well.

2018-07-11 19:51:49
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1257-1 Xuelin Road

0571 8669 2563

Opening Hours:
10am - 5am

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