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Mon Jour/曼如法式餐厅
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Mon Jour is a restaurant serving western cuisine located at the top of Hubin Road, on the second floor of that plaza at the junction with Qingchun Road. Inside the restaurant are calming tones of watery blue table clothes and darker blue velour seats. A sunny patio provides plenty of outdoor seating.

The menu is not too large and consists of soups, salads, side dishes, meat and desserts. We found that the soups, meat and desserts were quite nice.

Mushroom Soup with Cream and Truffle (法国蘑菇汤配黑松露, 58RMB) is the standard fare but Codfish Soup with Asparagus (法式银鳕鱼浓汤配藏红花, 58RMB) is something different, a creamy fish broth with chunks of cod and garnished with threads of saffron.

Roast Goose Liver with Cranberry Sauce (法式香煎鹅肝配蔓越莓汁, 108RMB) was a thick slice of goose liver over mango fruit. The goose liver had a crusty sear encasing a smooth, velvety center.

Mon Jour’s Special gives you a small, precious piece of M12 Australian Wagyu steak and a hunk of pan fried cod fish (M12和牛配银鳕鱼, 298RMB). The M12 wagyu had excellent fat marbling and it was as good as any wagyu we’ve had in the top Japanese restaurants. You don’t need to use the black pepper sauce that came on the side at all, as the wagyu’s sweet natural taste is so delicious on its own. The cod fish was accompanied with lemon and mayonnaise and that was the perfect touch.

Grilled Lamb Chops with Rosemary (火山石碳烤迷迭香羊排, 228RMB) were neatly Frenched to give a clean bone handle and the meat was savoury and juicy.

For dessert, we enjoyed the Brownie Mocha (布朗宁摩卡, 58RMB), a layered confection of walnut brownie, fudgy chocolate ganache and dense, creamy mocha mousse. The way that the rich, chocolatey ganache melted on the tongue was very lovely. Drinks include fresh squeezed juices, coffees and wines. Parking is available.

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2/F, West Lake International Trade Center, 46 Hubin Road

0571 8526 9956

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm

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