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Mr. Choi Canteen/蔡嘉食馆
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The owner created this restaurant with her parents in mind, wanting to make a place that serves healthy, wholesome food like you would make for your own family at home. High-quality ingredients are carefully sourced, they never use any MSG and they make their own sauces and pastes as much as possible.

Like the red curry paste they make for their Red Curry Beef (

红咖喱慢炖和牛腱, 79RMB alone or 129RMB set menu) with Australian wagyu beef and potatoes. It’s sweet and has a lovely fragrance from lemon grass and galangal. It doesn’t have the funkiness from fish sauce, but that’s ok, Mr. Choi isn’t claiming to be authentic and they’re going for a milder taste.

Similarly, the Thai Basil Minced Pork (罗勒辣椒炒精气神猪肉碎, 59RMB alone or 99RMB set menu) is a gentler, lighter tasting version of this popular Thai staple. If you are ordering the set menu, you can choose between 3 different carbs – udon noodles, white rice, or our favourite, the Thai red rice which has a nutty taste and firm, chewy texture.

There are some thoughtful side dishes like Foie Gras Forest (鹅肝森林, 69RMB) with sprouts planted in a bed of creamy foie gras mousse, or Arugula Onsen Egg Salad (芝麻菜温泉蛋色拉, 25RMB) where you break the runny egg yolk to dress the salad.

For drinks, there’s Orange Juice that uses 4 whole oranges to make 1 glass of pure juice, Avocado Milk Shake with milk from Japan and a selection of alcoholic beverages such as the orange flavoured Aperol Spritz (42RMB).

For now, the menu doesn’t have a lot of items, but more dishes will be added later. Chinese menu only, with pictures.

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L213, 2/F Kerry Centre, 385 Yan'an Road

0571 8717 9700

Opening Hours:


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