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Mr. Muscle/艦匠牛排
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We could smell it as soon as we walked into the basement of In77. Following our noses, we arrived at a mass of people huddled around a large hotplate in anticipation of their meal – imported slabs of meat and sausages cooking away. It had us salivating almost instantly.

We joined the fairly lengthy queue and peered up at the select menu, the choices being meat, meat and more meat. Sirloin (22RMB/100g) and Rib-eye Steak (28RMB/100g) are imported from Australia plus a Cheese Sausage (22RMB for 2) from Germany. We opted for the more expensive rib-eye, our cut weighing in at just over 200 grams, a suitable size for one person. They will not ask you how you want you steak cooked as they cook it to a medium-rare standard; if you can’t stand a bit of blood, you should request it to be cooked otherwise.

As the seating here is very limited, all the meats are served to go, already cut and with a couple of salad leaves on the side. The rib-eye was cooked well and tasted great, the meat moist and served up with a sprinkling of black pepper. The Cheese Sausages had a light, smoky taste and, like the steak dishes, were a good enough size to act as meal for one or snack to be shared.

We tried their ready-made Mr. Muscle salad (18RMB), closely resembling a garden salad with green tomatoes as their meat-free alternative, but we wouldn’t suggest coming here unless meat is your thing. Though, you really need to take advantage of these prices because while imported meat is not new to Hangzhou, these prices might well be. Now is your chance to get a decent cut without paying an arm and a leg. Steakhouses of Hangzhou ought to be on the lookout.

Mr. Muscle is located in In77 near West Lake, and as such, is bound to be very busy on weekends: expect to queue and wait around twenty minutes for your steak to be cooked during busy periods. Alcoholic (1664Blanc, 15RMB) and non-alcoholic (Lemon Cola, 8RMB) drinks available.

Located in the basement of In77, smoking not permitted. Underground parking available.

2016-12-07 09:03:21
I enjoyed finding NZ steak and enjoyed several served with a simple dressed salad. I haven't tried the sausages yet...They charge by weight and have several selections.Fast food even though there can be a long line. The patrons range from school students to professionals.There are 5 or 6 bar stools so don't go here planning to sit down.
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B1/F, In77, Hubin InTime, 245 Yan'an Road


Opening Hours:
9:30am - 9:30pm

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