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My Sweets /麦甜
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On Gudun Road, just a few doors down from Panchos and Myth Café, you’ll find a quaint little bakery and confectionery that looks like it was pulled from the pastel pages of Better Homes & Gardens Spring Issue. It’s called My Sweets and the name couldn’t be more apt. The first floor is packed with fresh-made cakes, torts, mousses, and pastries that taste as good as they look, but they also have an array of breads, sandwiches, croissants, and cookies, again, all made fresh, in-house.

We recently stopped by to check out this most recent addition to our city’s sweet shop selections to sample some of the stuff they had on offer. After making our selections we moved up to the second floor where there’s very comfortable seating, an abundance of natural light, and free Wi-Fi. We started light with their ciabatta and baguette with black olives (5RMB each), and were pleased with both, in terms of their freshness and taste. With a simple smear of margarine spread these two were simply delightful. After this we turned the sweetness quotient to 11 and ordered a Mocha Mousse and Macaroon (16RMB) which was light enough as to not be filling, but flavorful enough to completely satisfy. The rich and smooth Banana Caramel (20RMB) was a big hit, if you like banana and caramel, and how can you not? Next up was their cheesecake, which the owner, a lovely woman who’s spent a good deal of time abroad sampling the world’s best desserts, likened to that served at the venerable Cheesecake Factory, and we are wont to agree. For 24RMB, this was arguably one of the best slices of cheesecake we’ve had in Hangzhou. The richness of the cheesecake was countered by the piquant bite of fresh blueberries, and the crumbly yumminess of the Oreo cookie crust. This was followed up by a soufflé-like confection they call, “The Best Chocolate,” (28RMB) because it is apparently made with the best chocolate around. Slip your fork through this moist, rich, piece of decadence and you’ll agree this may be the best chocolate dessert in town.

We both enjoyed a proper, well-made, cup of fresh-ground coffee with our spread of sweets. On our way out we picked up some sweet and flaky croissants, some garlic bread, and some sandwiches, which while not the best we have had, did come with cheese as opposed to the omnipresent egg you tend to find in so many other pre-made sandwiches. Overall, everything we had was a delight and we found the prices to be quite reasonable considering the level of quality that went into everything. So, if you’re in the mood for sweets, do yourself a favor and check out My Sweets.     

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362-364 Gudun Road

0571 8764 8851

Opening Hours:
7:30am - 10pm

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