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No.9 Restaurant/Bar /玖號餐厅
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No.9 has been around for some time now, offering western food, homemade cakes, as well as a night spot to grab a drink. However, unbeknown to most, No.9 has been serving a selection of Middle Eastern delights for over a year now. We were invited along to sample some of what they had to offer on their newer menu, available every evening from 5pm.

The term ‘Middle Eastern’ does loosely coin the choice of dishes available here, and rather than having a huge list that would leave some overwhelmed, it’s sort of a ‘best of’ selection and will therefore more than likely feature some of your favourites. Most could also be regarded as finger food too and makes sharing with a group of friends that much easier.

Perhaps best representing this, we began with some of their homemade Hummus (20RMB), which had a smooth consistency and great flavour, and the more substantial Chicken Arayes (28RMB), pita stuffed with diced chicken and cheese cut into slices.

The Fattoush Salad (23RMB) was certainly worth trying – deep fried pieces of pita bread on a garden salad with an almost sweet vinaigrette dressing. The Shawarma Plate (45RMB) is one of their more popular dishes, a wrap with chicken and mayonnaise complete with spicy and mild dipping sauces.

For fans, the Falafel Plate (23RMB) and Kebab (48RMB) had excellent flavour and came with side dips and pita for dipping or for wrapping. The ‘Arabic Pizza’(Beef 42RMB) had no cheese and was more of a thin piece of dough topped with meat, parsley and other spices.

Most of No.9’s Middle Eastern menu is quite simple: some meat, some bread with something to dip it in, or a nicely spiced falafel or kebab or a hearty salad. In an age where we are surrounded by fusion, it is refreshing to see straightforward food done right and a very reasonable price tag makes it that much better. 

Continuing the theme, Shisha is available for 40RMB, or for 10RMB more you can enjoy a smoke while enjoying a pot of their Arabic tea.

No.9 is located on Yugu Road next to Amigos. Smoking on the second floor. Parking nearby.   

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9 Yugu Road

0571 8703 1830

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 11pm

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