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One Pint Pub, Tiyuchang Branch/一品脱酒馆, 体育场路店
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There seems to be a competition amongst some of the bars in Hangzhou as to who can stock the most types of beer, and One Pint might be winning. The beer selection here breaks the 1000 mark, plus countless whiskeys, wines, Chinese alcohols and more to take advantage of.

Once you begin navigating their iPad-style menus, you realise the extent of the alcohol library. The layout is very clear, allowing you to organise drinks by region, type, price, or size; then a couple a clicks later, your drink is on its way. If you don’t want to spend so much time going through the list, take a risk and press the ‘randomise’ button and see what you’ll be drinking. It is difficult to find a fridge big enough to store 1000 types of beer, and so the drinks here are not kept chilled. Instead, they are served up with ice-cold steel cubes, so your drink may take a couple minutes to cool but will stay cold that little bit longer. We tried the Epic Hop Zombie (67RMB) as recommended by the staff, a little stronger than the average beer and, unsurprisingly, with a strong taste of hops. Beers start from 15RMB (Franzikaner, 500ml) and offers are ongoing.

Despite the focus on beer, One Pint makes a really good go at cocktails, and if it doesn’t taste good, you only have yourself to blame. All the cocktails here are DIY, so after choosing your cocktail, a member of the bar staff will prepare the ingredients for you, and, along with a PPT, will guide you through the steps. The process was really a lot of fun, and the result didn’t taste too badly either – we tried the Midsummer Night (55RMB), very minty and refreshing.

One Pint also has over 300 types of whiskey and has the great idea of offering sample size glasses as cheap as 8RMB, meaning you can try a mouthful before you commit to a whole glass or have a tasting session of a few different blends.

For food, they have some simple bar snacks plus a couple of Hot Dogs (American 15RMB) at fair prices. The meat dishes of the Black Beef (29RMB) and When Taiwan Meets Turin (20RMB), containing two types of sausage with mustard dip, would both act as the perfect partner to a night of drinking.

One Pint is located on the 3rd floor of Tianhe Building on Tiyuchang Road. Smoking permitted, parking limited.


Robin Robinson
2020-06-13 16:50:27
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Room 302, Tianhe Building, 257 Tiyuchang Road

157 1579 3733

Opening Hours:
6pm – 2am

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