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Peer's Bar, Baochu Branch/啤客, 保俶店
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Peer’s Bar calls itself ‘beer heaven’, and with good reason. Not only do they stock over 300 types of ice cold beer, but they do so at very affordable prices. 

The system here is one of a beer supermarket – grab a basket and browse through the selection. Once your basket is full, head for the checkout. Not only does this mean not having to wait on slow service during peak times, but this self-service style means less staff, less cost, and therefore cheaper beer for the customer. 

The Desperado (Holland, 20RMB), infused with tequila, was a little sweet, whereas the Palm Green Label (Belgium, 20RMB) was towards the bitter end. The classics are there too, including Budweiser (20RMB), Stella Artois (15RMB) and also draught Asahi for 15RMB a mug. Whatever your taste or preferred brew, Peer’s will have it, and driving is no longer an excuse as alcohol-free beer is available too. Select liquor including tequila, whiskey and vodka can be enjoyed from 15RMB for a shot, plus cocktails from 45RMB.

The food menu is divided into main courses and snacks. So, if you arrive early enough, you will be able to enjoy some pasta (Black Pepper Spaghetti, 38RMB) or a pizza (Hawaiian, 45RMB) with your ice cold beverage. We got there late in the evening, so we had a plate of their New Orleans Chicken Wings (30RMB): a little spicy but able to fill the hole that comes from a couple hours of drinking.

Peer’s informal style seating makes it the perfect place to hang out with friends, plus it has an outdoor area to take advantage of when the weather cools down. Live music in the form of a one-man acoustic act. With a mixture of Chinese and foreign music, it begins every night at 9:30pm and continues intermittently throughout the evening.

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Peer’s is located near the intersection of Baochu Road and Tianmushan Road. Smoking permitted, parking limited.

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2 North Baochu Road

0571 8683 9917

Opening Hours:
6pm – 2am

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