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Peer's Bar, Zhongshan Branch/啤客, 中山路店
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You probably have been to Peer’s Bar on Baochu Road, this new branch on Zhongshan Road has been upgraded to a new level.

It might well take you a while to find the entrance from the 2,000 bottles of beer wall, and once you finally enter, you will realize the beer wall is just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll be surrounded by more than 400 types of craft beer. A 16 door fridge is full of beer, from local to imported, from 300ml to 3,000ml. It’s like a beer supermarket. Most of them are priced from 20RMB to 30RMB, you can find anything you want, just name it. Pick the beer you want, take a spot on the sofa, listen to the live music band, or watch World Cup on a big screen.

And just when you think this is a beer bar like the other Peer’s, let me tell you, nope! Walk through the bar and try to find the leather suitcases, there is a secret passage hiding behind it. Follow the stairway, you will find a whiskey and cocktail bar hidden on the second floor. You can find Yamasaki 12 years, Macallan 18 years, vodka, brandy, rum, gin… Try their signature cocktails like Summer Night and Lost in Thailand.

If you are getting hungry after a few drinks, they have beef burger with fries, German sausages, pizza, pasta, salad and chicken wings.

Review by 2018.11.30

Peer’s Bar — you might know their first location on North Baochu Road — has expanded their expertise into a very swanky three level bar on Middle Zhongshan Road. If you aren’t familiar with their beer routine, they have a series of large refrigerators featuring a wide variety of beers. I’m not a beer guy but given their selection even I can find things that suit my tastes.

The first floor of this bar is a bit smaller and much fancier than their Baochu location; a polished industrial loft style while still having a lot of cozy alcoves. When I was contacted about Peer’s I considered my lack of beer credentials but I wanted to get paid so I took the job. Fortunately it turns out the first beer-focused floor is a front for an even nicer and swankier whiskey and cocktail bar on the second and third floors, and the secret stairs are to the right. Explore this place! In particular, check out the gorgeous third floor featuring a glassed off patio with an incredible view, a great space for a quiet date or a huge party.

Beyond a spread of whiskeys and classic cocktails at unpretentious prices—my go-to 10 year Laphroag is an affordable 58RMB/pour, they make a FANTASTIC Hot Toddy at 68RMB, perfect for this impending winter—Peer’s has some excellent and interesting specialty cocktails.

We started off with some easy ones. The Beer Negroni (68RMB), a taller, lighter, sweeter take on the classic cocktail is a good way to ease a friend into the deep bitterness of the original. A fruity Blood of My Blood (78RMB), one of a selection of Game of Thrones themed cocktails on the menu arrived as well. Both of these drinks are gorgeous to look at, are respectably strong, and go down smoothly.

Peer’s expansive menu for bar snacks includes many big enough for a meal. The first things we got were the Indonesian Fried Rice (35RMB), and Provence Chicken Pizza (68RMB), note: this this is a “POPCORN CHICKEN” pizza and there will be an additional layer of pizza guilt the next day if you don’t share it.

My favorite food of the night was from their grill, in particular the Basil Sausage (35RMB) and Mushrooms (28RMB). Both are straightforwardly delicious and you get exactly what you think, comfort food to contrast and compliment the exotic cocktail selection.

More drinks arrived. The Seventeen And A Half Years Old (68RMB) is amazing, a smooth, milky cocktail that comes in a baby bottle with a plastic nipple (!!!), tastes just like White Rabbit candies—you’ve had these, they’re white, with the texture of a Tootsie Roll and in the same kind of wax paper wrapper—I’m not one for novelty cocktails or milky drinks, but this hit my sweet spot. It was tasty and unusual and the only off-putting bit was the selfie I took as I drank it.

The Half Life (78RMB) is the first good cocktail I’ve ever had made with traditional Chinese booze. It came in an extraordinary goblet that looked like something you’d respectfully imbibe from before an altar. It’s a strong cocktail, with Taiwanese sorghum wine, gin, and campari being mellowed out with a dash of lemon and pineapple juice. Try this!

Peer’s has put a lot of good thought into the look and feel and taste of their Zhongshan location; the decor, the drinks, all gorgeous and sumptuous. Peer’s depth and variety is perfect for explorers and neophytes alike.

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338-1 Middle Zhongshan Road

0571 8722 9338

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