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Twenty years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Qu decided to share the culinary delights of their culture with the people of Prague by opening a Chinese restaurant. After enjoying great success in the Czech Republic, the couple has returned to share the delights of their new home’s culture with the people of Hangzhou – beer!

Located in Xihu Tiandi, the restaurant and bar is a roomy venue with a different vibe for every purpose. The bar area is quirky and comfortable with leather sofas, white high-back nest chairs and large silver beer tanks, while in the next room more standing room is available to watch the live band (which plays Wednesday to Sunday). Upstairs offers a more formal setting with a tank full of lobsters at the top of the stairs and a spacious balcony, perfect for enjoying beer during this kind of weather.

The beer menu, to be released next month, will include six craft beers of different types. I sampled a half litre of the pilsner (48RMB), which was light flavored and foamy and had an exquisite transparent golden color. Often overlooked by beer drinkers for Germany and Belgium, the Czech Republic boasts a long history of brewing, beginning in monasteries, and it has the highest beer consumption rate per capita in the world. It’s no wonder the Qus brought back with them a 70-year-old Czech brewer named Vladamir to oversee the creation and onsite brewing of their beers.

Pilsner is located on Nanshan Road in Xihu Tiandi. Street parking is available. Smoking permitted on the balcony.

2015-11-15 10:10:47
We visited Pilsner a few nights ago and our impression was though the beer is good the food is quite overpriced for portion size in comparison to other similar restaurants in the area. We ordered a bowl of chicken noodle soup which contained about 300 mL of liquid, one small slice of chicken, no noodles, no vegetables, and a tasteless broth, for 50 RMB. The shining light of the evening was the bar produced the best Old Fashioned drink we've had in China so far.
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Building 9A&9C, 147 Nanshan Rd, Xihu Tiandi

135 8805 2537

Opening Hours:
11am - 2am

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