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PizzaMarzano, Kerry Centre Branch/披萨玛尚诺, 嘉里店
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PizzaMarzano is a chain with 500 restaurants all over the world. The company was started by Peter Boizot in England in 1965. He was unhappy with the Italian food in the U.K. and thus started his own restaurant dedicated to authentic Italian pizza. On this day, we went to their Hangzhou branch, located on the 2nd floor of the Kerry Center on Yan'an Road. 

The restaurant is not a small, romantic Italian pizzeria, but it's decorated nicely with items from Italy such as Barilla noodles and wine bottles. It has a big window over looking Yan'an Road and is bright and clean. 

The center of the restaurant is the open kitchen where the customer can see the pizza bases being tossed high into the air. We asked for the Baked Mushrooms (焗蘑菇 59RMB), Burrata Italia (日出意大利布拉塔芝士 98RMB) and Avocado Prosciutto (意大利风干火腿意式面包片配牛油果 48RMB) as starters. As mains we ordered a Trifolata Pizza (松露菌披萨 79RMB) as well as an Alba Pizza (意大利经典阿尔巴披萨 108RMB), and Meatball Bolognese Pasta with chicken & apple salad (苹果鸡肉沙拉 43RMB) on the side. To quench our thirst we had Carrot & Apple Juice (苹果胡萝卜汁 38RMB) and a Mango Frullata (热情仲夏 42RMB).

While we were waiting for our food, the drinks were freshly made. But we didn’t have to hold out for long as the salad came to our table really fast. The salad looked delicious with the apples on top and tasted nice and fresh with simple mayonnaise dressing. 

The Prosciutto and Burrata also arrived very soon and looked mouth watering. While the Burrata could have used a bit olive oil on top, the Avocado Prosciutto was gorgeous. 

The Alba pizza had a nice thin base, and the salami on top had a hint of spiciness. The base of the Trifolata pizza was thicker and the mushrooms were fresh. 

But for sure, the highlight of the meal was the meatball bolognese pasta. The meat in the meatballs was mixed with pesto, and the bolognese sauce was great too.

Pizza Marzano also has a lunch deal (299RMB) which includes one starter, two mains, one dessert, and two drinks. They got quite busy when we were there which is understandable as the restaurant offers authentic Italian food for reasonable prices. Parking is easy as there is lots of space in the underground parking of the Kerry Center. Don’t forget to validate your parking ticket!

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L203 Building 3 Kerry Centre, 385 Yan'an Road

0571 8715 6526

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm

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