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Qiantang Music Restaurant/Bar/钱棠音乐餐吧
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It's at the same floor of Burton and Shanhe Teppanyaki. They've got live band play from 8pm till after midnight, mostly are Chinese songs. This is place is full of people who like to play dices, and eating meat sticks. Drinks are not cheap, imported beer is around 60RMB to 80RMB, ordering is a problem since their only menu is an ipad, and there is no Chinese, we love ipad, but it's really not a good idea to have an ipad menu in a bar, you go try, you will know what we talk about. But the worst was when we got the Sex on the Beach from them, obviously we have never has sex like this before, it was a shot glass contained some green seaweed looking liquid in it, and it costs 60RMB, we almost couldn't believe our eyes, but since we paid already, one, two, three, shut your eyes and nose, just drink it... Hooorah... that's it, we had our sex in 1 second, don't ask, we are glad we didn't really taste it. They also have a pool table, a quiet bar space and a KTV room in the back of the bar. Wouldn't recommend it or a mixed drink place. Play safe, go for the bottled beer.

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16-6 Wantang Road

156 5715 1122

Opening Hours:
10am - 2:30am
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