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Refreshing Restaurant/清风小馆
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Situated in the West of the city in a small sleek setting is Refreshing Restaurant, a place that has dishes covering east and west, and sometimes a concoction of the two. Refreshing is the creation of two brothers who have heaped their combined experience together and created a food list that with flavours from a range of countries that might make choosing your dinner a little difficult. 

The duo is made up of Oscar and Andy. Oscar has spent a large portion of his career in Singapore, where he was trained by Justin Quek, one of Singapore’s most famous chefs. His CV includes time at the 6-star Marina Bay Sands and also involvement in banquets for more than one of Singapore’s presidents. Andy, on the other hand, boasts more local experience, such as 18 at the Bund in Shanghai and Hangzhou’s very own Uncle Martin’s.

Their combined experience means that there isn’t much they don’t know how to cook, with a menu including pizzas, salads and an array of noodle and rice dishes. The Thai Curry Chicken with Rice (23RMB) was green and therefore quite mild and the Spaghetti with Spicy Squid and Pesto Sauce (38RMB) was a refreshing change and added a nice bite to the familiar pesto taste. More milder was their Classic Caesar Salad (35RMB), including cheese, egg and fresh veg, that would suffice as a light lunch alone or as a side platter for two to share. 

Refreshing also has a decent list of thin-based pizzas, including crowd favourites alongside some more Asian-infused delights: Sichuan Sausage (45RMB), Hangzhou-style Duck (45RMB) and Lamb Curry (68RMB) Pizzas might all be worth a try, as we were pleasantly surprised with the latter of these. If fusion is not your thing and for fans of Singaporean cuisine, Oscar has used his experience overseas to bring you a more authentic Prawn Laksa (38RMB), a thick, slightly spicy that would warm up even the coldest of bodies on a winter afternoon. 

Simple canned and bottled drinks are available. Refreshing also offer a free delivery service to within two to three kilometres of the restaurant, so pop in and grab a menu.

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86 Gaoji Street

137 7758 7617

Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm

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