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Reyi Fusion Cuisine Restaurant /热意餐厅
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You'll find the Hangzhou Reyi Fusion Cuisine Restaurant way down on Yuquan Street in a quaint country house, and as the name states, they're serving up an array of fusion cuisine that's as artistic as it is edible, which is to say, very. We were escorted up to a second-floor table overlooking the outdoor seating we would have preferred were Yuquan Street not undergoing heavy renovations, but it was, and the dust levels were becoming Steinbeckian. Despite the day being smoggy and overcast the flower box outside our window was stuffed with radiant marigolds which seemed to emit their own light. It's hard to stay in a bad mood with those brilliant botanicals around. It was even harder after the food arrived.

First up were a couple refreshing rounds of iced rice juice (16RMB), which came in 8 test tubes sunk into a big mound of shaved ice. It tasted like a sweet rice wine, just without the alcohol. The presentation received mixed reviews ranging from, How creative!

That wouldn't look out of place in a fertility clinic.

Next up were the spring roll appetizers (8-13RMB/3 rolls) and baked niangao bolognese (42RMB). The former being a tasty, crunchy, treat try the Thai shrimp and the latter reminding us of a hearty, homemade, baked gnocchi. Next up we had two preserved tofu sauce dishes, one a vegetable stir-fry (18RMB), and the other, a braised half a chicken with taro (38/half chicken). The carnivores preferred the chicken while the more health-conscious preferred the veggies, but both were bursting with sweet, spicy flavors that were enjoyed by all. The most popular dish by far though had to be the cheesy curry crab (128RMB). Basically, they start with a Fat Larry (mud crab), do it up in a delicious, traditional Thai curry, and then slather the whole thing in cheese. It is 3 great tastes that go great together. We descended upon this dish like a pride of hungry lionesses on a fallen gazelle. For a sweet treat after our lunch we indulged in some ice cream (12RMB/scoop) and a homemade cake sampler (78RMB) including all the classics.

There's so much on offer we couldn't possibly fit it all in one review. So if you're looking for a place that's as stylish as it is sumptuous, give the Hangzhou Fusion Cuisine Restaurant a try. Ordering is a snap despite the lack of English. The whole menu is loaded onto an iPad and every dish has its own photo. It's all at your fingertips, so take your time and peruse all the options, as there are quite a few. Parking available street-side.

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161 Qingzhiwu

189 6997 3778

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm

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