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From our first visit and review of this feast-ery we mentioned the interior. “Discretely hiding just off the main lobby, Satine welcomes you to a bold, yet elegant interior, clearly designed to inspire romance, sophistication and, dare I say, even a touch of hedonism. This is a luxury environment that immediately makes you feel very special and perhaps even privileged to be there. It anticipates your every expectation and doesn’t let you down. Simply put, you just know that it’s going to be a great dining experience.
Satine, is themed after the Moulin Rouge musical and renowned Parisian cabaret venue. Satine, in fact, is the name of the main character played by Nicole Kidman. The walls of the restaurant are adorned with an evocative representation of the corsets worn by the can-can dancers and the lighting fixtures in the private dining areas (named Etoile and Diamante – 2 additional references to Satine) are a cheeky view of their undergarments. You may think this a tad cheap & tacky, but on the contrary, it is executed with utter finesse.”

That much hasn’t changed and didn’t need to be changed it’s that nice, but what has changed is the chef, and the food has gone from fantastic to extremely fantastic. We started the meal with a bottle of hand-selected Champagne which began our experience on the right foot. We then went in for the number 3 and number 4 selection of oysters (63-70RMB/each), and they must have been flown in on the Concord they were so fresh. Up next were the starters, and we knew we were in for a surprise after we asked the chef for his recommendations, and he said “well everything.” And everything was, from the Bisque of Crawfish (90RMB) to the Marinated Salmon with Star Anise (120RMB) right down to the sauce laid under the Beignet of Frog’s Legs (120RMB) that was so good we had to use our freshly baked bread to sop it all up. There was no reason for the waiter to ask if we were done as the plate was as clean as if it had been through a dishwasher when we were done; not to mention the meat on the frog’s legs which made us think again about the name “bull.” King Frog is more like it.

For the middle or main course of our feast came the Fresh Boston Lobster (616RMB/700g), and it was as if the waiter could see our eyes popping out of our heads in anticipation—more bread for more sopping, after of course, we ate all of the succulent meat. This lobster was done if not as well as it was done on our last trip to Cape Cod, then it was better. Not to be outmatched was the Cod Fish with Hazelnut Crust (280RMB). Served with a nice side of mango chutney, the fish was done to perfection with a crispy crust and soft inside. The kicker of our main courses if anything could be kicked, was the addition of the chutney of pear onto the Duck Breast (198RMB). It was like pairing a fine wine well because the sour aspect of the chutney balanced out the meaty flavor of the duck.

Lastly, as if we needed any more, came the desserts. If we had another page to describe them, it wouldn’t be enough. We stuffed ourselves with the Lemon Tart and Vanilla Crème Brûlée with Blueberry Sherbet (78RMB), the Crunchy Allumette Chocolate with Roasted Banana and Nutmeg (98RMB), and the Tart Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream (68RMB). All were on par with the rest of the meal which is to say double-fantastic. When you want to impress, go to this fine eatery and be impressed.   

William W. Ernst
2020-05-28 16:49:56
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It's open
2011-11-24 23:02:59
You're welcome now!! If you reserve a table in advance you get a free glass of champagne.
2011-11-05 22:01:20
I'm still dreaming about this place. I really cannot wait until it opens!!!
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