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Senbo Nature Park & Resort Hangzhou/杭州开元森泊度假乐园
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A 200,000 square meters place that combines resort, forest, lake view, indoor heated water park, kids' world, game room, restaurants, bars that serve international cuisine, how does that sound to you?

If you are looking for a short getaway with friends or family, this is the perfect place to go.  Senbo Nature Park & Resort covers an area of 200,000 square meters, with a total investment of 1.17 billion RMB offers one-stop holiday destination, which will be grand opened on January 26th, 2019.

Located right next to Xianghu Lake in Xiaoshan, 20 minutes driving from downtown Hangzhou, Senbo Resort has 420 guest rooms, 246 of them are resort rooms in the forest, with a view to the forest or lakes.

Now follow us, we will give you a tour to the rooms. The rooms are divided into two parts: Hotel standard rooms and holiday resort houses.

Rooms 房型

Superior Garden View King Room 高级大床房
Deluxe  Garden View Family Room 豪华亲子房
Romantic Manor King/Twin Cottage 璧萝庄园
Beehive King /Two-Bedroom Cottage 蜂巢房
Two-Bedroom Loft Villa with Qianyan Lake View 千岩池复式双卧别墅
Tree House 树屋
Star View Cottage 星空房
Hillview Terrace King/Twin Cottage 一览居
Two-Bedroom Family Villa with Bunk Bed 亲子双卧别墅
Forest Castle King/Twin Cottage 元森堡

The Romantic Manor King/Twin Cottage has four bedrooms, a big living room and a huge garden, it's perfect for 4 families to spend a weekend together.

The Star View Cottage has a glass roof right on top of the bathtub, that will be the place for a romantic getaway for couples. Take a bottle of wine, have a hot bath, if the weather is nice, you might get to see the twinkling stars.

Senbo Water Park 森泊水乐园

Senbo Water Park covers 9,200 square meters, it is temperature controlled. There are indoor heated surfing pool and more than 30 types of water recreation projects such as indoor and outdoor drifting, enclosed super slideway and rock climbing pool.

Neverland Kids' World 幻想岛儿童乐园

Neverland Kids' World covers an area of 3,000 square meters. It is a large exploratory castle that integrates recreation, sports, intelligence and fitness functions. The 23 types of recreation and the 9-meter-high exploratory castle can fully release the children's nature of climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping and shaking. At the same time, there is a resting area for parents to chill, parents can leave their children play, and enjoy a cup of coffee here.

Flora Garden 芙罗拉室内花园

Flora Garden is a semi-open small ecological garden. The flourishing tropical plants keep the birds and flowers around all the year. Guests can not only enjoy the nature, but also go for a treasure hunting adventure.

Player One Game Room 头号玩家

Games Room integrates the global latest technology and classical interactive games, and created an amusement project with more than 20 games. No ticket required for the games room, purchase the game coin for 2RMB/each, and a minimum of 10RMB. The car racing, VR games even make adults indulging themselves, the stress and trouble are all disappeared!

Food & Beverage 美食体验

Food is also an integral part of the holiday experience. In Senbo, you can enjoy the buffet in the Rainforest Restaurant, or sit in C PLus Snack Bar to have your appretif, as well as the Chinese traiditioanl gourmet in Yan Lai Xuan and Sen Yue Hall.

If you are only looking for a place to enjoy the heated pool, or just want to take your children to play for some fun, you can purchase the tickets at Water Park and Neverland Kids' World without stay in the hotel. Enjoy a discount price before Jan. 31st for rooms.

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1515 Xianghu Road, Xiaoshan

0571 8398 9888

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